Sarah Hyland Made CVS Bend The KneeCue the crazy lady at the pharmacy going bonkers over her prescription. It’s a sight most of us have seen before but not too often does it come in celebrity form or from any woman that’s actually attractive for that matter. Sarah Hyland was feeling very spicy after her terrible encounter with CVS pharmacy. The drugstore failed to fill her antibiotics perception before closing for the day. I’m more surprised it wasn’t a prescription of pills to soothe her case of entitlement. One Xanax and this entire ordeal would have never been an issue. She took to Twitter in order to protest the injustice she suffered at the hands of big pharma. The angry tweets from a verified account caught the attention of the corporation. They publicly apologized for the mishap as per protocol but privately let her know that she was an idiot for putting trust in information listed on a third-party app. 

Sarah Hyland put CVS on blast for leaving her hanging on crucial meds she needed, but the pharmacy is firing back, saying the mix-up was her own damn fault.

Sarah tore into CVS earlier this week after she said a Studio City location never notified her to pick up her medication before closing time … as she claims they promised they would.

She also called them out for allegedly posting the wrong hours on the Internet. Based on her post, it appears she pulled the hours from a maps app.

And therein lies the problem, as they say. We’re told CVS learned Sarah did use a 3rd party search engine to find those hours — but did NOT check the actual CVS website. That site displays the correct pharmacy closing time … 9 PM.

Still, CVS apologized to Sarah.

I don’t like the taste of toenail so I research thoroughly before I’m forced to insert a foot into my mouth. I know it’s an archaic means of communication but major businesses still do own telephones. An initial call to confirm a closing time would have saved Sarah from looking stupid. She should have gotten a brain transplant in addition to her kidney. 



Sarah Hyland Made CVS Bend The Knee


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