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Some Really Effective Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises to Tighten Your Butt

Some Really Effective Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises to Tighten Your Butt 36

Big and beautifully shaped butt is always been desirable. Lately, it’s all about the booty on Instagram and people are going crazy and choosing butt implants or padded jeans and we definitely need a reliable solution for it, and the best way you could naturally lift and increase your butt without side effects is exercise. Today, we are going to talk about some Brazilian butt lift exercises to tighten your butt!

Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises to Tighten Your Butt

1. Deep Lunge

Start in standing position take your right leg behind and perform a deep lunge keep your left leg bended 90 degree. Push off left heel and return to start. Place your left palm on the floor. Repeat on other side. Repeat it for 10 times on each leg for 3 sets.

2. Butt Thrust

Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises to Tighten Your Butt Exercise

Lie flat on back bend you knees 90 degrees, lift your toes lifted so that the weight is on your heels. Rest arms on floor, drive heels into floor and lift hips. While lifting your butt, squeeze your muscles extra hard at the end of the move. Lower your body and repeat. Repeat 15 times in sets of 3-4 and take a short 60 seconds break after completion of each set.

3. Skater

Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder distance. Perform a deep reverses lunge. The front knee will be in 90 degree bent position. Swing arms in front of the bent knee. Alternate your arms as you switch sides. Do at least 10 times on each leg and repeat. perform set 3 times.

4. Donkey Kicks

Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises to Tighten Your Butt Donkey Kick

Come into your all four. Keep your hands just below your shoulders. Lift one leg at hip level keeping the other knee in 90 degree. Squeeze your glute muscles as your finish the move. Repeat on other side. Do 10 times on each leg and repeat 3-4 times.

5. Squat and Kick

Stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Perform squats keeping your chest up, butt out and arched and keep the weight of the body on heels, stand tall then lift left leg behind you, and forward your arms.(Hold on to something if you can’t keep your balance). Repeat on each sides 10 times per leg and a session of 3 sets.

6. Butt on Fire

Sit on the floor with your knees bent keeping your feet straight. Hands should be placed right under the shoulder, straighten the arms and lift butt off the ground. Lift and kick right leg up, keep your foot flexed, and lower your hip on the ground. Switch sides, keeping your butt lifted and squeezed the entire time.
Tip: always keep a water bottle handy to keep your body hydrated throughout your workout.

7. Chair Squat Jump

Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises to Tighten Your Butt Chair Squat

Sit on the chair with your back straight and legs at a shoulder length distance. Now stand and jump straight up and land by squatting and sitting on the chair gently. Repeat 15 times with set of 3.
Tip:To intensify your workout, you could add lightweight dumbbells.

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8. Step Up

Use a chair and stand on it using right leg, keeping the left leg straight and not touching the left leg on the chair. Now land on the ground and repeat on the left leg. Follow for 10-15 times per leg with 3 sessions.

Follow this Brazilian butt lift exercises for at least 2-3 times a week to see results! Do comment below and let us know how your workout routine went!

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