Star Leap or 14 Celebrities whose oddities will not give you peace of mind!

Star Leap or 14 Celebrities whose oddities will not give you peace of mind!

Celebrities are a lot like you and me. They eat, sleep, fall in love, get married and get divorced. But there are things that distinguish them from mere mortals. Star Leap or 14 Celebrities whose oddities will not give you peace of mind!

14 fun and little-known facts from the lives of celebrities

What are they willing to spend a fortune on? About it and not only – further in our article.

1. They’re fighting for the dinosaur skull

Nicolas cage and dinosaur skull
a photo:

In 2007, Nicolas Cage clashed in a battle for the skull of a dinosaur from Mongolia with Leonardo di Caprio himself. The actor managed to win a lot from a paperweight for a fabulous $ 276 thousand. True, it later turned out that the skull from Mongolia was exported illegally, and it had to be returned …

2. They buy expensive baths

Mike Tysona photo:

Speaking of financial spending … One day, famous boxer Mike Tyson bought a 24-carat gold bath for his mansion in Ohio for $ 2.2 million!

3. They have a ghost detector.

Lady Gagaa photo:

Lady Gaga is afraid of ghosts. She claims to be haunted by a spirit called Ryan. Therefore, the singer did not regret $ 50 thousand for an electromagnetic sensor that “catches ghosts”. She sleeps with him calmer.

4. They buy the whole cinema to watch the movie

rapper ludacrisa photo:

Rapper Ludacris admitted in his Instagram in 2016 that he had bought a whole cinema hall. Well, you know, to watch a movie in a relaxed atmosphere and no one was sitting next to …

5. Their dogs have their own mansions.

Paris Hilton with Dogsa photo: Twitter

In 2009, the socialite Paris Hilton did not spare $ 325,000 for a two-storey villa for their dogs. 90 square meters of housing were furnished with designer furniture, equipped with a balcony and even a chandelier made of black crystals. Because the little dogs must sleep in luxury!

6. They have their own fire department

george lucasa photo: Twitter

If you are the creator of Star Wars, you can have anything you want. For example, own fire truck and a team of 14 firefighters hired full-time, like George Lucas.

7. Their hats travel first class.

lead singer of band U2 Bonoa photo:

Arriving at a charity concert in Italy in 2003, the lead singer of the U2 group discovered that he had forgotten his favorite hat in London. Do not speak without her? Bono paid $ 1,200 for a ticket to British Airways so that the beloved thing was delivered to him first class.

8. They give birth to exotic pets

Nicolas Cagea photo: Pinterest

Once the Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage considered it a good idea to start an octopus at home, for which he laid out $ 150 thousand. And at the same time two royal albino cobras, considered one of the most venomous snakes on earth. Together with them, he also acquired an antidote in case he was suddenly bitten. Subsequently, the actor refused to exotic wildlife and passed it to the zoo.

9. They lower the condition to air fresheners.

Celine Diona photo:

A regular air freshener costs $ 20 more. But this is for mere mortals. Having signed a three-year contract for performances in Las Vegas, Celine Dion demanded to equip her house with a $ 2 million system! Of course, the singer cared about the state of her vocal cords in dry, desert air, but not a single air freshener costs as much as an apartment in Manhattan.

10. They buy whole cities.

Kim Basingera photo: Pinterest

Why are you just a house, if you can afford a whole city? Apparently, this is how Kim Basinger reasoned when she acquired Breyzelton in Georgia in 1989. For a city with a population of 7,500 people, the actress laid out $ 20 million, planning to turn it into a tourist center with film studios and festivals. But 5 years later, the star abandoned her grandiose idea and was able to gain only $ 1 million for the town.

11. They control time

willow and will smitha photo:

In one of her interviews, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith stated without a shadow of a doubt that she could make the time go faster or, on the contrary, slower. So Willow realized that he did not exist …

12. They feed on solar energy.

Michelle Pfeiffera photo:

In her youth, Michelle Pfeiffer belonged to the cult of people who fed on solar energy. The actress believed that life does not need food or water, but only clean air and the rays of the sun …

13. They tried to catch the Loch Ness Monster.

charlie tirea photo: Reddit

One day, Charlie Sheen got excited about the idea of ​​becoming a man who would finally catch the Loch Ness Monster. In this he should have been helped by the leg of the lamb and the big hook. Attempts by the actor were not crowned with success, but he still believes that there is something in the lake. Can’t people make mistakes for 200 years?

14. Deceased relatives leave them coins.

Emma Stonea photo:

American actress Emma Stone is convinced that her late grandfather leaves her with quarters. Each time a La La Lenda star sees a coin, it enthusiastically shouts: “This is it! You may not believe, but this is it, I tell you! ”

Strange, isn’t it?

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