Sweets for joy! Eat and lose weight

Sweets for joy! Eat and lose weight

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When you are just starting the process of losing weight, at first you give up literally everything. First of all, flour and sweet food. Nevertheless, it will be inadvisable to completely abandon such a meal. Is it possible to eat sweet when losing weight? Is there an alternative to fatty and floury sweets and goodies? If so, which ones? Sugar from your menu in its pure form can be removed.

How to replace sugar?

Instead, it is better to have honey, at the tip of a teaspoon, and also drink tea with a snack with honey. You can bake apples in an oven or microwave, flavored with honey, raisins and cinnamon. Excellent delicacy is obtained!

It is also good to diversify your diet with dried fruits: dried apricots, raisins, prunes or dates. Tea can also be enjoyed with dried fruits. This is a wonderful alternative to many sweets. If you do not like dried fruits, then allow yourself low-calorie sweets – pastilles, marshmallows, marmalade. Substitute milk chocolate for bitter. The fact is that milk chocolate contains milk powder and a huge amount of sugars, and as such there is little cocoa powder. When we eat milk chocolate, we enjoy some sweet taste, and when bitter chocolate, we enjoy the taste of cocoa beans. Buy black bitter chocolate with a high content of cocoa beans – 70-80%.

Useful fats

When baking, substitute fatty ingredients for low-calorie ones. For example, butter – for cottage cheese. We cut a portion of butter and add there low-fat cottage cheese or prunes. That is, use various tricks to reduce the fat content of the dish. The ductility of the test remains the same. Prepare pies and casserole dishes from a cottage cheese dough. Instead of a whole pack of oil – half. For the test, low-fat cottage cheese is quite suitable.


Carbohydrates are stored as fat in our body only with a huge single intake into the body. For example, you need to eat 400 grams of marshmallow for this. And when you eat a small portion of carbohydrates and do not replace them with the main meal, but complement it as a treat, you do not face a significant weight gain.

Sweets for joy! Eat and lose weight

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Naturally, weight loss for you will be less pronounced, but more comfortable and nicely. If sweets are completely removed from your diet, then life will be boring and monotonous. We do not call for giving up on eating sweets once and for all. But you should know the measure and consider what to eat and what to not. Do not use sugar substitutes, but rather restrict sugar consumption as much as possible. It is better not to abuse sugar substitutes, as they are carcinogenic and can harm your body. Do not use these pills when adding to tea. If you want to replace sugar, add honey.

Thus, you adhere to the principles of rational nutrition, eat balanced, move a lot, accordingly, do not get better. Such small indulgences in the form of delicacies of special weather will not do.

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