The Sandwich Spa, London – Average Janes

The Sandwich Spa, London – Average Janes

ben March 5, 2018 0

We don’t know about you but we’ve always found spa days have been missing one little thing. You got it – a sandwich alongside your massage! Well, guess what? That’s all about to change with The Sandwich Spa pop-up which is set to hit London in March!

The Sandwich Spa, London – Average Janes

The Sandwich Spa is a one of a kind deli-come-spa which will be serving up healthy sandwiches alongside some wellness and beauty treatments, enabling Janes to feed their body from the inside and out. The best bit of all? It’s going to be completely free!

It’s being opened by healthy food brand BFree Foods, with users of The Sandwich Spa able to pick from five packages that will include a delicious sandwich or wrap filled with bloat-busting, hair-boosting, age-defying ingredients paired with a complimenting wellness or beauty treatment…

The Sandwich Spa, London – Average Janes

The Menu

Roll Back the Clock
The anti-ageing wrap served with a collagen boosting and revitalising facial.

Mindfulness Bites
A mood-enhancing sandwich served with a session of mindfulness using uplifting and mood enhancing scents.

B.L.T (Beautiful, Long, Tresses)
A wrap with hair conditioning and strengthening properties served with a scalp boosting, antioxidant oil loaded head massage.

A Slice of Energy
An energy boosting meal served with a comforting and anxiety easing neck, should and back massage.

Good Gut Club
A bloat-preventing pitta pocket served with a skin conditioning and inflammation reducing full body wrap.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, if we’re being perfectly honest – almost like we’re missing something. But when all is said and done, the words ‘free sandwiches’ is always going to get us overexcited!

The Sandwich Spa will be open at La Galleria Pall Mall (SW1Y 4UY) from Wednesday 14th March – Friday 16th March between 10am and 3pm. Head over to the Billetto Website to book your spot in advance.

The Sandwich Spa, London – Average Janes

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