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Top 7 Virtual Tours To Museums, Parks And Other Attractions All Over The World

Top 7 Virtual Tours To Museums, Parks And Other Attractions All Over The World 36

Fortunately many famous museums, parks, exhibitions and other attractions in different parts of the world can be visited online without leaving home. Whether it’s the Louvre or the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Taj Mahal or Versailles, the Colosseum or the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood – you can visit any of these places right now!

Google Art Project is a project that allows you to virtually travel across all sights and historical monuments of the world. A variety of objects created their own online tours, added photos and descriptions to each exhibit, including the White House, Versailles, Colosseum, Pyramids of Giza, the Orsay Museum, the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood, the Taj Mahal, the Van Gogh House and hundreds of incredible places! We warn you, breaking away from the Google Art Project will be very difficult!


The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and most famous art museums in the world. It stores about 300 thousand exhibits! We offer to get acquainted with the first 35 of them already tonight, because they are available in the museum’s online gallery. You will be able to see with your own eyes the original sculpture of Venus de Milo, “Gioconda” by Leonardo da Vinci, “The Beautiful Gardener” by Raphael and the “Lacemaker” by Jan Vermeer. Impressive, isn’t it?

The louvre museum

A peek in the middle of a week at the Grand Canyon sounds good, right? An online tour of this incredible place in Arizona allows travelers, sitting in armchairs and sofas at home, to see the attraction from all sides, as well as to learn more about the history of the formation of the canyon by discovering various geological features on the site.

Grand Canyon

Virtual travel under water? Why not? The Sanctuaries project offers everyone to absolutely free to literally dive headlong into the underwater world of the United States. Professional divers took millions of pictures of oceanic landscapes with 360 ° panoramas, which allows you to maximally see all the marine life. Viewing is available including using virtual reality glasses.

Virtual tours

This art museum is located in Madrid, and its collection contains the most complete collections of Goya, Bosch, Zurbaran, Velazquez, Murillo and El Greco and other outstanding artists. There are more than 30 thousand exhibits in the museum, so the most ardent fans of painting should definitely visit the Prado Museum at least once in their life, and you can prepare for an unforgettable experience with an online tour. All creations of art are divided by topic, and for your convenience, the site has an alphabetical index for the names of artists.

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Royal Parks in London offer a virtual tour of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. If sitting at home during quarantine is already very tired and you really want to take a walk in the flowering garden, an online walk through the Royal Parks of London is what you need.

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Royal gardens

Have you long dreamed of flying to New York? We suggest starting with a virtual tour of the New York Museum of Modern Art, which is one of the three most visited museums in the United States, and is also one of the most popular art museums in the world. 65 thousand works out of 200 thousand have already been digitized and laid out for free access, so you should definitely not miss this opportunity.

Modern Art Museum

The Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam can also be visited online. Visitors have access to 1800 posters, books and drawings from the artist’s collection, grouped into thematic sections: art nouveau, ornaments, nature motifs and much more. The museum managers explained that these works do not fit into the museum’s permanent collection, so for a long time they remained inaccessible to a wide range of visitors.

Van Gogh Museum

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