Weekday Weekend January Challenge – A Beautiful Mess

Weekday Weekend January Challenge – A Beautiful Mess

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Weekday Weekend January Challenge – A Beautiful MessIn case anyone is looking for a fun and healthy challenge to try for the new year, we invite you to join us for a four-week Weekday Weekend challenge starting January 1! As many of you know, this past fall we published our first cookbook, Weekday Weekend. It’s not only a cookbook, filled with colorful photos and recipes, it’s also a challenge to encourage you on your healthy eating journey. For me, that’s always been a struggle; I love to eat and I have a hard time following diets or fads. While Elsie and I were dreaming up what this project might be, it was really important to us that it reflect not only our love of food but our REAL way of trying to eat well to encourage lifelong health. And here’s the thing, it’s super easy! You simply follow five rules during the week (five days) and then on the weekend you can take a break and recharge for the coming week. That’s it! If you’ve never tried anything like this before, then this is the challenge for you—it’s not complicated, totally sustainable, and challenging while still being easy to finish. It’s our hope that after you take the challenge once, you add on more challenges to it later, or extend the challenge another week or two. Up to you!

Hopefully, you’ve already picked up your copy of our cookbook, as it it contains the rules and extended information from the two dietitians we worked with on the book. There is LOTS of information on what the challenge is, why we do it, and more facts on many of the ingredients throughout the book. Plus there are tons of recipes that work for both the weekdays and weekend treats. ? BUT, just in case you’ve haven’t picked up your copy yet, we’d still love for you to join us for the January challenge. Here are the rules:

Weekday Weekend January Challenge – A Beautiful MessSo again, the challenge is simple. Starting January 1, follow the five rules for five days a week and then take a break and enjoy a treat on the weekend. If you want to share your progress, what you’re eating, or pictures of your cookbook, feel free to tag us #weekdayweekend.

All month, we’ll be sharing what we’re eating on our Instagram account, mostly through stories. Hopefully, it will give you more ideas of things to try as well as serve as a kind of accountability. I promise to root for you if you cheer me on too. ? I’ve definitely spent the last month enjoying all sorts of holiday foods and drinks, so I am excited to hit the reset button on my diet with you all. Should be a fun time!

Weekday Weekend January Challenge – A Beautiful MessIf you’re looking for weekday-friendly meals outside of the cookbook (which has tons), you can check our weekday approved recipes here. We’ve also started a series with Sarah and Lindsey, our two dietitians from the cookbook, here on the blog and we’ll be sharing more from them in the coming months as well. But if you want to see those past articles, check here.

Let us know what questions you have! And don’t be scared or shy! The challenge is simple, and if you can’t start January 1, feel free to join us shortly after. Who knows, I may extend my own challenge past the first four weeks if I’m feeling it. We’ll see. ? I’m just excited for a change and a challenge. xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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