What is Body Contouring or Sculpsure-What Are Sculpsure Results

What is Body Contouring or Sculpsure-What Are Sculpsure Results

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Putting in very little work to lose inches off your body may sound like a Christmas miracle, but that’s what Sculpsure—the latest in non-invasive, body contouring—claims can happen in just a 25 minute procedure. After passing countless bus-stop ads for body sculpting and wondering if it’d actually be possible to get peak-Britney Spears abs, I talked to Dr. Dennis Gross, a NYC-based board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, and founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology to learn more. Here’s how it works: The 25-minute procedure uses light-based technology to eliminate fat in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, under the chin, and love handles through lasers that heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and melt the fat cells under your skin. Once they’re dead, your metabolism works to get rid of them by…eliminating the waste, if you will. Is it worth it? Read on for more about the process straight from the doctor’s mouth.

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Sculpsure is a relatively quick laser treatment

Unlike liposuction, this process “lets you do work on anywhere you have fat build up that doesn’t necessarily have to be excessive,” explains Dr. Gross. “Consider it fine-tuning or tweaking to get rid of fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise.” The fat that you lose is killed and permanently removed from the body.

The ideal candidate is already leading a healthy lifestyle

Since Sculpsure is for getting rid of stubborn fat anyone who eats right, exercises a few times a week, and leads an all-around healthy lifestyle is perfect for the process.

It takes time to see results

“You do it and you’ve got to wait six weeks to two months to see results,” says Dr. Gross. “People do it, they literally forgot they did it, and then all of a sudden they think ‘oh my gosh, I look like I’ve been dieting, but I haven’t been dieting.'”

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How much it hurts is completely subjective

It’s not comfortable, says Gross, but it’s also not horrible. For those who are more sensitive Gross suggests taking a pain killer 30 minutes before the procedure. Otherwise, it’s simply an uncomfortable feeling rather than actual pain. “It feels like a charley horse in your calf,” says Gross.

There’s zero downtime

“If you press on the area where the fat is treated you may feel a little soreness, but it’s normal and goes away in about a week,” says Dr. Gross. “There’s no recovery otherwise. You’re fine to exercise and carry on as normal.”

Sculpsure is an investment, but really works

Two to three sessions are recommended at $1600 per session, which while expensive is worth it if you have the extra cash.

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