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Where Are The Most Beautiful Ice Sculptures?

Where Are The Most Beautiful Ice Sculptures? 36

What is winter? Snow, ice, new year! And also a great opportunity to admire the ice sculpture, which can be safely attributed to a work of art. Want to find out where the most beautiful ice sculptures are? We go to the aesthetic journey!

Harbin (China)

Chinese city of Harbin can be considered a real ice kingdom in the world! On an area of ​​60 annually hectare line up a fantastic city that visits 10-15 million tourists! Palaces, castles, steam locomotive, walls, statues – and all this magnificence is illuminated by multi-colored lights. And also at the exhibition There are various entertainments, ski slopes and ice slides.

Bruges (Belgium)

Much more modest in in size, but no less impressive is the ice sculpture exhibition in Bruges (Belgium). And although the scale of the work is much smaller, but subtlety and skill The accomplishments deserve the highest praise. Here you can find images Disney movie studio heroes, musicians, historical characters, various statues and architectural monuments, fabulous and mythical creatures, animals. Above Masters from different countries work to create the exposition.

Fairbanks (Alaska)

In Fairbanks annually an ice carving championship is held. The teams are presented the same the number of ice blocks from which it is necessary for a certain time and on specific subjects to make sculptures. The task is technically difficult, and because the results are always impressive! Judge for yourself!

Karelia (Russia)

A real fairy tale comes to life on the shore of Lake Onega every winter – here come masters from different corners of Russia to present their snow-ice works. Expositions found for every taste – from surrealistic-fantastic sculptures to naturalistic images of animals and birds.

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