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Anne Hathaway Declassified The Sex Of Her Second Child And 5 More News That You Could Oversleep

Anne Hathaway Declassified The Sex Of Her Second Child And 5 More News That You Could Oversleep 36

What happened in the world of show business over the past few days? What events marked the past week? Today in the digest “Furilia” I will tell you who gave birth to Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway and Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. And also do not miss the first appearance of Meghan Markle after the scandal about leaving the royal family; and rapper Cardi Bee announcing her intention to become a politician.

Anne Hathaway declassified the sex of her second child

Fans of the series The Witcher are waiting for a surprise, because work on the second season has begun! And finally, why did “living Ken” Rodrigo Alves decide to become a woman? Read on …

Anne Hathaway admitted what gender her child

actress ann hathaway
photo: Reddit

At the end of November 2019, American actress Anne Hathaway became a mother for the second time. The 37-year-old star and her husband, 38-year-old Adam Shulman did not advertise a joyful event, declassifying pregnancy only in the last stages. Apparently, the couple made this decision because both times the actress was not easily given motherhood. She previously admitted that she had difficulty conceiving. However, in March 2016, the son of a couple Jonathan was born.

And now Ann Hathaway admitted that a second boy is growing up in their family. This was announced at the Critics ’Choice Awards, where the actress came in a dazzling gold dress with a deep neckline. The publication was the first for her after the birth of her second child. As the US Weekly managed to find out, the star, not hiding her joy, showed eminent guests of the ceremony a photo of a baby lying in a crib under a yellow blanket.

According to one of the guests of the award, showing the pictures of her youngest son on her phone, the actress admitted that he looked like her and her father at the same time. Well, we can only rejoice for Anne Hathaway and her husband!

Bar Rafaeli became a mother of many children

pregnant bar rafaeli
 photo: Instagram

On January 14, the 34-year-old Israeli model Bar Rafaeli gave birth to her third child, becoming an mother of many children overnight. The addition of the podium star and her husband Adi Ezra to the family became known from a publication in the Jerusalem’s Post. In it, Bar expressed gratitude to the doctors and midwives who took her birth all 3 times.

Rafaeli talked about pregnancy back in June 2019, without having to hide her interesting position from the public. In a playful video clip she posted on her Instagram page, the model said: “Oops … I did it again!” Later, Bar proudly demonstrated a growing belly, appearing on the red carpet of the 76th Venice Film Festival.

The model raising two daughters – 3-year-old Liv and 2-year-old El, finally had a son! The name of the newborn and other details are still unknown. Let me remind you that Adi Ezra Bar married in 2015 after 3 years of romantic relationship.

Happy and in simple clothes: Meghan Markle first appeared after the scandal

Meghan Markle in Canada
photo: Instagram

On January 14, the Duchess of Sussex was first noticed in Canada, where she flew to her son Archie immediately after the scandalous declaration of secession from the royal family. She was photographed at Victoria Harbor Airport while boarding a seaplane departing for Vancouver. To go out, Megan carefully warmed herself up, choosing a swampy park with a fur hood, high brown boots and plain black jeans. She also had a bulk bag with her.

Meghan Markle in a green jacket
photo: Instagram

But the people around did not even pay attention to the simple clothes that Markle was wearing, but to her wide snow-white smile. Fans of the Duchess noted that they had not seen her in such a good mood for a long time. Apparently, the positive decision of Queen Elizabeth II affected the removal of the Sussex spouses from their royal duties. By the way, it became known where Megan was heading that day.

Meghan Markle surrounded by women
photo: Instagram

The Duchess of Sussex arrived on a visit to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center, whose employees were not warned in advance. So for them it was a real surprise! Meghan Markle inspected the shelter, expressing concern and a genuine interest in the fate of women. She was worried about whether they received the necessary advice and nutrition, and also asked what they needed.

What became the reason for visiting the center of the Duchess is not yet known. Perhaps she plans to become his patron, because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not refused to fulfill their social roles and are even going to open a new charity center in Canada. In any case, the shelter administration had only positive impressions of an unexpected and pleasant meeting.

Rapper Cardi B served in politics

singer cardi bi

In the world of politics, you can become one more celebrity. Following Kim Kardashian, who announced the start of her legal practice, the notorious hip-hop singer Cardi B. also plans to leave show business. The 27-year-old American rapper has stated on her Twitter page that she wants to become a politician. And she does not aim somewhere, but to the US Congress!

“I think I want to become a politician. I really like our government, although sometimes I don’t agree with it, ”the star said, and added that she had not seen a single American who was proud of his nationality. “When I watch documentaries about the war, I understand that it doesn’t matter how many weapons the country has, most importantly, how many people it has. “How can you start a war with another state if your own lacks patriots?”

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Cardi B. openly expresses dissatisfaction with President of America Donald Trump and says that she has a lot of ideas that make sense. True, the singer lacks knowledge, but soon she plans to return to school to catch up and become part of the American Congress. By the way, fans support the rapper’s political ambitions and wish her success.

Work has begun on the second season of The Witcher

witcher actors

Before December 20, 2019, the premiere of the first season of The Witcher on the Netflix television channel took place, as its creators announced that work had begun on the second. Currently, the director of the series Stephen Surik is in search of new locations for the shooting. In his Instagram, he shared pictures from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where Sodden Hill is supposed to be recreated, on which, according to the plot of the book of Andrzej Sapkowski, a battle took place with the participation of sorcerers.

It also became known that the shooting of the second season of The Witcher will begin on February 17, 2020, and the premiere will not take place until 2021. The script is currently written for 8 new episodes. Showrunner of the series Lauren Schmidt in the summer of 2019 let slip that the Witcher’s 4 seasons are in active development right away, and there are 7 plans to remove them. They will be released with a short break.

According to the plot, in the second season of The Witcher, we will talk about the events after the first war with Nilfggard and the training of Ciri Geralt in Kaer-Morchen. The Witcher (Henry Cavill) will begin to investigate the reasons for the persecution of Ciri by the magicians of the continent, kings and Nilfggard. However, how exactly the story will be reflected in the series, we learn only after its appearance on the screens next year.

Live Ken Talks About Upcoming Sex Change

Rodrigo Alves
photo: Instagram

The 36-year-old Briton of Brazilian descent Rodrigo Alves became famous throughout the world as a “living Ken”, for the sake of turning into which he underwent about 70 different plastic surgeries. He removed 4 ribs, redid his nose 10 times, implanted hair and changed their growth line, and got rid of unwanted ones with a laser.

Rodrigo also did a facelift, eyebrow and face lift; changed the shape of the lips; inserted breast implants and abs cubes; pumped fat from the buttocks, abdomen and thighs; and also increased silicone biceps and triceps, because I thought that playing sports is not for him. Add to this countless beauty injections, fillers and stem cell injections. And all in order to now state that he does not want to be a Ken doll anymore.

Rodrigo Alves before and after plastics

For several months, Alves has been living as a woman, one in one resembling Barbie. His cuming out caused a lot of noise on the network. Only now, according to Rodrigo, does he feel comfortable. But there was a time when a man wanted to commit suicide. He moved away from friends and relatives, dreaming of only one thing – to turn into a woman.

Alves drowned inner feelings in alcohol, but close people calmly accepted his desire to change sex. According to Rodrigo, from childhood he felt like a woman, but forced himself to remain in the male body, which did not make him happy. Former Ken hopes his revelations will help those who face the same problems.

Rodrigo Alves in female guise
photo: Instagram

Currently, the man drinks hormonal pills, wears a size D bra and is preparing for plastic surgery on his face, chest and buttocks. After that, he is expected to change sex. According to Rodrigo Alves, he decided to become a sexy, elegant lady, so he wears high-heeled shoes even at home, knowing how much harm they can cause. He also hopes that the fans and relatives will accept him in a new body and image.

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