Why a turtleneck is sexy and not the other way around

Why a turtleneck is sexy and not the other way around

ben November 25, 2020 0

Someone once started a rumor that a turtleneck is boring and conservative. We do not think so, however, like many fashionable girls who, by their example, demonstrate all the most advantageous sides of this garment.

An irreplaceable thing – a turtleneck – in terms of versatility, it is difficult to compare with anything, except with an ordinary white T-shirt. It is easy to imagine her both in laconic office suites and at special events. Traditionally, street style stars show us tons of cool ways to wear it. But I would also like to emphasize that the turtleneck actually has a sexual connotation, as it follows the curves of the body and emphasizes the shapes. How to wear it? Let’s take a look!

With mini

A closed top, open bottom (in this case a miniskirt or shorts) is the perfect combo for frivolous outfits and mood. Or even weapons of mass destruction against men. So when going out on a date, keep in mind the seemingly casual option that will make anyone lose their head.

With a leather skirt

A turtleneck is a really universal thing, but in combination with something textured, for example leather, it plays with completely different colors. So do not hesitate to take the simplest knitted model if you have leather pants or a skirt in store. This is the right combination that is responsible for balance and a respectable image.

With a sundress

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A school sundress or sleeveless dress requires, as we understand it, “support”, namely a light turtleneck, which in this case plays the role of a base. In general, if you like school fashion and student style, take note of all the typical things of your youth, without fear of criticism and sidelong glances.

With classic trousers

If you work in an office, there is no better combination. An elegant, discreet and very feminine set – turtleneck plus trousers – will become your uniform for the coming months. You can tone on tone, as does Bianca Padilla, you can use different shades.

With leggings

Girls who spend a lot of time in the gym can afford a combination of turtlenecks and leggings. Do not forget about a long coat, so that your “suit” still does not resemble the outfit of Catwoman. Although … we don’t know about your plans!

With a vest

Fashionable vests and sleeveless jackets this season are great friends with turtlenecks, especially on the eve of real cold weather, when you need to warm up more thoroughly. I don’t want to forget about the style either, so get inspired again in a different way from Emily Sindev.

Total black

Turtlenecks with jackets are sexy not only on men, but also on women. Just do not copy literally how this kit is worn by the strong half of humanity. Skinny jeans in this case will be appropriate. After all, you need to take a break from the flare from time to time, if, of course, you are ready for a change!

With midi

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The classics are always right (like pearls, according to Coco Chanel), therefore, in our troubled times, we rely on proven cashmere, midi-skirts, elegant jewelry. In this case, this image does not and will not have any restrictions either in time or in seasonality. So we dress more boldly in such seemingly conservative, but very feminine things.