Why Vitamasques’ Gold Sheet Masks Will Change Your Skin

Why Vitamasques’ Gold Sheet Masks Will Change Your Skin

ben February 5, 2018 0
Why Vitamasques’ Gold Sheet Masks Will Change Your Skin

Sheet masks infused with gold particles: super fancy — and effective.

Gold is a pretty fancy ingredient. Wearing it anywhere on your body makes you feel instantly polished. And not just on a psychological level — there are actual, real skincare benefits in the metal. Turns out the particles have anti-aging properties, helping to boost hydration, brighten your complexion and minimize fine lines (rumor has it, Cleopatra applied a gold mask nightly — so rich). London-based Vitamasques is making a bit easier to experiment with the precious ingredient, with the launch of their Gold Dust Series.

The collection features four new masks, all of which tap into the latest beauty technology from South Korea and come infused with gold and other high-performance actives targeted to your skincare needs. And it goes without saying that putting on these bling-y sheet masks is an Instagram story in the making. Here’s how to find your perfect match:

For: Brightening and Moisturizing

Try: Diamond Gold Mask

What It Does: Diamond extract gently exfoliates and eliminates the debris that can dull your skin while also helping to regenerate skin cells. The result is a multi-tasking mask that makes your skin shine (in a good way) and feel super invigorated.

For: Calming Sensitive or Reactive Skin

Try: Rose Gold Mask

What It Does: This soothing mask is saturated in rose oil, a botanical that’s ultra concentrated in hydrating vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and — as an added bonus — has antiseptic and astringent capabilities. This pick is ideal for delicate areas like cheeks and under the eyes, or any spot that’s red and inflamed (plus the masks smells insanely good, adding a little pampering touch to your self-care routine).

For: Lifting and Firming Wrinkles

Try: Marine Gold Mask

What It Does: Here’s a scary detail: Collagen levels start to decline at age 21 (!) and drop off further as we get older. That’s why you need other forms of collagen to restore what’s depleted. The marine collagen in this mask provides eight out of the nine essential amino acids to keep your complexion firm — time be damned!

For: Detoxing and Clearing Congested Pores

Try: Black Gold Mask

What It Does: Bamboo has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine as a healing agent. It also happens to be one of the richest sources of silica, which helps preserve skin’s natural elasticity and ability to heal from wounds. Combine that with charcoal — one of the greatest detoxifiers — and you have a potent compound that revitalizes pores and refreshes your complexion so it feels new again.

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