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Zeds Dead Pay Homage To Drum ’N Bass With Special New Edition Of Deadbeats Radio Mix

Zeds Dead Pay Homage To Drum ’N Bass With Special New Edition Of Deadbeats Radio Mix 36


Deadbeats Radio has been pumping out quality mixes ever since its inception just six months ago. It’s truly jaw dropping how many tracks Zeds Dead are sitting on in their music library to be able to throw down an hourlong mix every week. Every few weeks or so the Canadian duo chooses to keep their radio mixes fresh by introducing a guest or by having a “special” mix like their dubstep throwback episode, which remains their most popular episode to date. This past weekend, Zeds Dead decided to put out a Drum ‘n Bass version of Deadbeats Radio as their 29th episode, and it’s fire all the way through.

Early on in the mix the two artists hop on the mic to discuss their background with drum ‘n bass. They talk about how it was their first “gateway drug into electronic music” and how it inspired them to really hone in their production skills. It’s safe to say that without dnb, Zeds Dead may not have been the power duo they are today, so it’s cool to see them pay homage to the groundbreaking genre. 

Zeds Dead themselves have stated that they will be focusing their 2018 efforts in the studio working on new music, growing their label, their radio show, and their live shows. They also noted that there will be even more guest mixes and themed episodes for Deadbeats Radio, so if you liked this mix, be on the lookout for more. 

Zeds Dead – Deadbeats Radio Drum ‘n Bass Special

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