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10 Epic Photos of Why Women Live Longer Than Men;)

10 Epic Photos of Why Women Live Longer Than Men;) 36

Have you ever wondered why women live longer than men? We have collected for you extreme photos of bold and even insane acts of men, which give a very logical explanation for this. Looking at them you are struck by courage or … decide for yourself what it is. ?

Heroes of our time or why women live longer

What would we do without our beloved men? Their ingenuity, courage, determination and endurance captivate our hearts. But sometimes the same qualities border on insanity!

It’s hard to say who made these unique shots, but we just can’t share these masterpieces with you! So, look. ?

1. Perhaps will carry …

An electrician

When with electricity on “you”! And safety is for beginners.

2. Not the best idea …


The trust of colleagues is impressive! Now I understand why some posts require a certificate from a psychiatrist …

3. When a smoke break

Man smokes

So here is where to find the most courageous and desperate …

4. In the shade …

Workers under the truck

Optimism – the level of “God”! These guys clearly share something in common … ?

5. This guy clearly did not hear popular wisdom …

A man is cutting a branch

It is said, “do not cut the bough on which you sit.” And before that, you were also sure that it is figuratively? It seems that for some its value should be interpreted literally.

6. I wonder what floor?


Faithful friendly shoulder is the best insurance! Attention – the man on the balcony – that’s what solidarity looks like! ?

7. Brilliant …

Work out

A work-out can end with an out-reach of this desperate bodybuilder … When you meet such photos, you realize that humor about the intellect of strokes is not unfounded …

8. Desperate guy


Yeah, better women, do not look! When a man says that he is a builder, immediately recall these photos.

9. The instinct of self-preservation?…

The guy on the fence

Belief in yourself – above all! Sharp thorns, it seems, do not bother anyone …

10. We insure!

Guys on the stairs

Just think, the stairs were not enough! But when you realize that in the hands of the guy on the stairs … it becomes somehow uncomfortable.

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