Fashionable Spring 2019: Main Season TRENDS + Stylish Bows

Fashionable Spring 2019: Main Season TRENDS + Stylish Bows

This spring spoils fashionistas, leaving a huge selection of color palettes and a variety of styles! What will be at the peak of relevance, what shades and models of clothes will be fashionable this spring – you will learn here. And you will find a selection of stylish spring bows! ?

Spring fashion 2019: the main trends of the season and fashionable bows

One of the main rules of this season is that beauty and practicality should be combined in one image. Remains in the trend overseas, flashing returns.

Floral motifs will be especially popular: Gentle romantic image of flowing dresses on the floor with bare shoulders will look incredibly feminine!

Colors and prints: a wide choice is presented – from delicate pastel tones to rich bright colors. Actual bold color combinations in one image. Feel free to choose: a print of a cage of any size, bright stripes of contrasting colors, a large floral print.

Leather clothing will be on the crest of a fashionable wave: asymmetrical dresses, pencil skirt, leggings and flared pants.

Styles: open shoulder dresses, midi-length skirts and trousers, maxi styles, oversize, pleating also remain in the top!

And now for the main trends! ?

1. Wide trousers

Flared palazzo pipe pants

Spring 2019 brings back flares, trousers, pipes and a palazzo. Trousers-palazzo – a special feature of this season. It is better to choose models from flowing fabrics. Their characteristic feature is high waist and wide leg-bell. In combination with a fitted top, it is always a win-win. This style will be the highlight of sports chic.


2. Asymmetry

Asymmetrical skirts

Choosing skirts, stop on asymmetrical models. Bright colors, fashionable cell, leather – the best materials for those who want to be in trend this spring. ?

3. Lace and transparency

Lace Clothing

Transparency and lace are in fashion. As you can see, designers have developed models for every taste. Especially popular will be leather skirts with openwork carved inserts. The same goes for jackets and vests.

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4. Trouser suits

Trouser suits

Pants lovers can rejoice! After all, colored trouser suits are especially popular this spring. You can choose models of any cut, color and style. It is better to combine wide trousers with the fitted silhouette.

5. Floral print

Flower print

Floral designs are back in fashion. Large exotic flowers of bright shades are especially popular, they will be ideally combined with dresses in the floor of flowing fabrics. Decorative embroidery of floral motifs on clothes and bags will also be in trend.

6. Cell


If you doubt about the cell, then in vain! Today it is relevant in all manifestations: Scottish, classical cell, diagonal, multi-layered or two-colored. Wearing a cage do not forget about the sense of proportion, focusing on 1-2 things.

7. Pleating


Fashion houses have left pleating in the trend until the summer. ? Leather pleated midi in the top. Blouses made of delicate fabrics in a small fold are also in fashion.

Fashionable Images 2019

Spring fashionable images

The length of the midi looks particularly stylish, models can be flared or straight, for a change you can add them with a slit.

Fashion bows

Fitted models always emphasize femininity, but oversight can look no less impressive.

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