12 summer manicure designs, from which you want to dance!

12 summer manicure designs, from which you want to dance!

ben June 4, 2018 0

The summer has come! Are you ready for beach activities, unrestrained parties and hot tours? We are sure that yes. And your manicure? If you want your hands to become the object of close attention and admiration, bring your master a selection of these photos. There is plenty to choose from!

And if you do a manicure on your own, then you will manage even more, because these designs are great, but they are quite simple in execution. And they are so bright!

Feathers and Ombre

This manicure is a combination of ombre and multi-colored feathers. A subtle transition from pink to white emphasizes the refinement of fingers, and feathers give summer lightness and airiness.


Combining neon shades with white and gold, you get the perfect manicure for the beach. What does it remind you of: sunrise or sunset? In any case, it is beautiful!

The Little Mermaid

Mermaids look, no doubt, amazing, and not only in fairy tales, but also on your pretty fingertips. And this manicure once again confirms this.

Sea dreams

How can you forget about the sea, doing a summer manicure? Embossed stars, bright blue background, thematic drawings and golden sequins will create an adventure.


If you like refined simplicity, this is your design! Monotony and contrast play together perfectly, and the star of the sea is a symbol of summer!

Dramatic shine

Summer parties require a certain drama. But, at the same time, do not get too involved. Supplement the dark tone with stripes with a heart and a charming ombre.

Aztec Treasures

A stunning manicure can be performed in aztec style. A fascinating pattern of stripes and dots, created on a white, pink and black background, excites the imagination.

Rose Gold

Let your nails recognize the charming combination of bright pink and gold, and the lovely strips of gold ribbon will be a great accent. [19659003] Confetti

Confetti is always a successful ingredient for creating fascinating designs. A few bright colors and points of different sizes will create a cheerful mood without effort.

Pink palms

Do not be trivial and replace the green color of trees with pink ones. Draw pink palms on a white background and start dreaming about a resort.

Matt beach fantasies

Luxurious matte nails will give your image a mystery. And ombre and beach themes will be very useful on picnic .

Pink lemonade

This luminous shade of lemon yellow color has been successfully supplemented by a bright pink shade. Immediately I want to try something exotic and cooling!