15 Daily Habits That Trigger Cold. Part 2

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Autumn colds can be avoided if you not only strengthen your immunity, but also abandon some everyday habits that weaken it. We are in the magazine “Furilia” We continue to tell you about what is harmful to your health during infectious diseases.

15 daily habits that contribute to the development of colds

1. You do not wipe the equipment before use

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A lot of people visit the gym, and not the healthiest ones either. If possible, use an antibacterial agent before using the simulator.

2. Do you eat fast food?

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Fast food causes inflammatory processes in the body and negatively affects the intestinal microflora. Both that and another leads to weakening of the immune system and diseases.

3. You do not have breakfast

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Breakfast energizes you all day. By skipping it, you expose your body to stress, increasing the risk of colds.

4. You bite your nails

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There are no germs under the nails! If you do not get rid of this habit, pathogenic bacteria will constantly enter your body.

5. You are not hugging

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Scientists have proven that hugs reduce stress in the body, thereby protecting it from viral infections. Unless you hug a sick person, of course …

6. You are not breathing correctly in the presence of the sick

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Passing sneezing and coughing people, exhale and take the next breath only when they are left behind.

7. You are in crowded places

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Visiting the mall on weekends, you are faced with a huge number of people. It’s better to postpone the visit on weekdays when crowds are much smaller, which means a chance to get infected too.

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8. You often shake hands

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Colds are transmitted through bodily contact. Try to avoid shaking hands with at least sick people. If you still shook hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and do not touch their eyes, mouth and face.

9. You drink a little water

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The lack of water in the body leads to dehydration, which is why the body copes with the elimination of toxins worse. And they, in turn, undermine your immunity.

10. You eat from someone else’s plate

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There is nothing wrong with sharing a meal or drink with someone you are close to. But avoid doing this with unfamiliar people, because the chances of getting infected increase dramatically.

11. You are not taking probiotics

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For strong immunity, it is important that the intestinal microflora is healthy. Probiotics help maintain good bacteria levels in the body.

12. You are using the elevator

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The elevator button is pressed daily by dozens of people, so it is simply teeming with germs. In addition, avoiding steps, you lead a less active lifestyle, which also negatively affects the body’s resources.

13. You do not get enough sleep

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Awake at night, you wake up tired in the morning, and your immune system weakens. Accordingly, your body does worse with its protective functions and you catch a cold.

14. You hold onto the railing

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Along with the elevator button and the trolley handle in the supermarket, the railing is one of the dirtiest items you can touch. Do not do this!

15. You do not carry a pen

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In many institutions, you still use the pen, but you are no longer used to carrying it with you. Imagine how many people touched the public office, including the sick, per day.

Be healthy!

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