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5 Familiar Items of Clothing In the Wardrobe That Can Harm Women’s Health

5 Familiar Items of Clothing In the Wardrobe That Can Harm Women's Health 36

Have you ever thought that the things that you are used to wearing every day can endanger your health? Without thinking about it, we put on our favorite skinny jeans, shoe high heels and do not forget about a bra with a push-up effect. Fully armed, we are ready to go to conquer the world. Yes, these things help us look our best. They emphasize forms that cannot but give self-confidence. But who then thinks about health?

Today we will still tell you which 5 things you should give up on your wardrobe.

Unless, of course, you want to risk your health. This does not mean that they need to be thrown right away. Remember that everything should be in moderation. Therefore, if you can’t do without your beloved, but at the same time such “harmful” clothes, for a start just limit yourself to wearing them. And look there and completely abandon these things in favor of your health.

1. Synthetic, non-breathable clothing

latex dress

This group includes things made of artificial fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acrylic. They contain chemicals that can not only cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, but also lead to more serious consequences, for example, problems with the kidneys and liver.

In addition, synthetic fabrics do not breathe, unlike natural ones. Therefore, the moisture secreted by the body has nowhere to go. A kind of greenhouse effect is created, which provokes the development of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the next time you decide to wear a latex dress or leggings, think about your health first!

2. Skinny jeans

skinny jeans

In the wardrobe of a modern girl, there will probably be a couple of or even more jeans. A convenient thing, for every day – what you need! And they sit so seductively. Representatives of the fair sex choose models even narrower, so that you can emphasize all the advantages of your figure. And they would know that skinny jeans can seriously harm their health!

This garment crushes blood vessels on the legs, disrupting blood circulation. As a result, varicose veins and cellulite. In addition, due to denim tightly fitting to the body, our skin simply does not breathe. Have you noticed the ingrown hair appearing on the hips, legs and in the bikini area? This is also all the consequences of wearing tight clothing, including jeans. And to all this, a tight belt can cause abdominal pain.

3. Nylon tights

girl in nylon pantyhose

This, one can say, is a thing of prime necessity, without which not a single girl can do. To emphasize the image, to give elegance, to make legs slimmer – all this can be done with nylon tights and stockings. The composition of such tights is solid synthetics, which means that they will retain moisture, preventing your skin from breathing. As a result, the development of infections and bacteria, as well as impaired blood circulation. And what this can lead to, we have already mentioned in the case of tight jeans.

It is doubly hazardous to health to wear nylon tights in winter at temperatures below zero. This is fraught with various diseases of the genitourinary system. Do you need it? Therefore, with the advent of cold weather, it is better to stock up on warm and woolen tights.

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4. High heels

high heels

Every self-respecting girl must have high-heeled shoes in her arsenal. But it’s either a matter of putting such shoes on a couple of times to go out, so to speak, or wearing them constantly every day at work. Yes, high heels slim and add femininity. But firstly, this is terrifying as uncomfortable. Secondly, you can easily earn yourself back pain and swelling of the legs.

By the way, such a common disease as intervertebal hernia is also a consequence of wearing high heels. In addition, varicose veins, gout and stoop. Tell me, is it worth it?

5. Tight bras and push-up bras


The choice of bra must be approached carefully. This item of lingerie in the first place should be comfortable. In no case should he pinch his chest. It should be comfortable all day. You just should not feel it on your chest. And if the bra has become small on you, then urgently you need to replace it with a larger size. Because tight-fitting underwear disrupts blood circulation in the mammary glands. And for women’s health, this is not good. After all, this can lead to very sad consequences, one of which is breast cancer.

Push-up bras are also in great demand among girls. Still would! With it, the chest seems prettier and the shapes are rounder. But in fact, the liners in the cups of the bodice, creating the effect of a raised chest, contribute to its deformation, leading to sagging.

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And among these things was your favorite piece of clothing? If so, are you ready to give up wearing it in favor of your health right now?

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