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16 People Who Distinguished Themselves By Strange Behavior …

16 People Who Distinguished Themselves By Strange Behavior ... 36

People often behave unreasonably, risking their health and even life. Today in the magazine “Furilia” we will show you personalities who do not seem to have heard about safety and do what they want.

16 people doing silly things

Well, if this does not lead to sad consequences … We hope the next time they think first before they do it.

1.We blinded it from what was

man on a makeshift cart

Now is the time to try it out!

2. Photo for memory

man on the background of a crocodile

We hope not the last …

3. Under the gun

guy at gunpoint

Someone really trusts the shooter.

4. It was a bad idea.

boys on a swing

But he will understand it later …

5. Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia

guys are lying on the road that the car is driving

If you have fun, then with a risk to life.

6. Jumping for wimps

man jumps into the fire

Falling into the fire with your face is a feat!

7. There was no other place for a hammock

man in a hammock

He behaves the way he wants!

8. When you consider yourself refractory

guy set up the body for welding

Interestingly, the burns remained?

9. What disrespect for bread!

guys with long loafs on their feet

And why was this done?

10. Instead of patching an egg

a man sews a fried egg
Photo: Reddit

Because where is it written that it is impossible?

11. Snakes need education too

snakes in the classroom with a man
Photo: Twitter

Today is their first lesson.

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12. Ready for Halloween!

guy in the kitchen

How do you like this image?

13. When there is no clean dishes

girl eats from a sneaker

And you are too lazy to wash it …

14. Argued what would fit

mouthful of guy
Photo: Pinterest

One question: “Why?”

15. Pretended to be a cone

man in a traffic cone
Photo: Pinterest

Suddenly, the police run past?

16. Finally, this girl

girl hanging on the fridge door
Photo: Imgur

Hunger will not bring it to this!

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