4 Best anti-aging facial massage video

4 Best anti-aging facial massage video

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Massage is very useful not only for the body, but also for the face. It accelerates blood circulation in tissues, helps to remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, returns skin tone, freshness and radiance, improves complexion, makes its contours clearer and literally trains facial muscles. And that is not all. Massage perfectly relaxes and relieves muscle tension, which is one of the causes of early aging. And with regular competent use, it allows you to “blind” the face without injections and plastics (even cheekbones, like Jolie).

4 Best anti-aging facial massage video
4 Best Anti-Aging Facial Massage Video

It’s not always possible to take a full-fledged massage course in the salon, but to learn how to do anti-aging facial massage independently – a great way out. Today the procedure can be perform at home with the help of various fashionable devices, such as gouache scrapers, metal, quartz and jade rollers, massage brushes and other innovations of the beauty industry. But the best tool is our hands. Therefore, we have collected several visual video guides on this topic and offer to start the practice yourself. The next time you visit a beautician, make sure that you are doing everything right.

1&2. Face massage for wrinkles

Today, there are a number of massage techniques that actually have a powerful anti-aging and lifting effect and are comparable in result with some invasive procedures. This is a buccal massage, and sculpting, and various Asian techniques that came to us from Japan and China. These techniques have their own nuances and subtleties, you need to know the special pressure points, so without the hints of a specialist, the procedure may lose effectiveness.

If you want to visually tighten your face contour with a gentle method, these videos will teach you lymphatic drainage massage, which improves lymph flow, blood flow and tissue nutrition, speeds up metabolism. These techniques are very relaxing and soothing. The first video is the manual of Dr. Mona Wand, the second is Abigail James, a famous dermatologist from London who is trusted by celebrity clients.

2. Guash massage for face

For many centuries, Chinese healers have been saving people from pain with a gouache massage, which boasts many beneficial properties for the health and beauty of the skin. It reduces inflammation, tightens the skin and corrects the oval of the face, providing a light lifting effect, speeds up blood flow, works like lymphatic drainage. Now this technique is practiced by many Hollywood and domestic celebrities, it is your turn. Learn to do chinese anti-aging facial massage with the help of gouache scrapers you can from the video below. A cosmetologist from China shows how to get the maximum effect from the procedure.

3. Jade Roller Massage

And, of course, one cannot help but recall the jade videos – a popular beauty trend that has attracted millions of girls around the world due to the hype among the stars. Of course, this is not the most effective anti-aging facial massage, but as an additional point of a daily routine, it will help to prolong youth and beauty of the skin. The beauty of these rollers that they help to quickly remove puffiness and restore freshness to the look, remove bruises under the eyes, restore skin tone and elasticity, and maintain a clear face contour. The technique of using a roller massager was shown on its channel by the popular blogger from Hollywood, Marianne Hewitt. We look!