5 Simple Tips From the Royal Doctor For Health and Youth

5 Simple Tips From the Royal Doctor For Health and Youth

Have you ever wondered how Elizabeth II, at 92, manages to lead such an active lifestyle? Today, we will open the backstage of a noble family, because the royal doctor Mosaraf Ali shared valuable tips on health and youth with the society!

Valuable advice from the royal doctor

Queen of England

The fact is that the royal family lives according to the laws that their family doctor created. It is with these covenants that we will tell you so that you preserve health and beauty as long as possible! And at the end of the article you will find a brief diagnosis of your health. ?

Nutrition tips

Queen Elizabeth

If you want to preserve youth and beauty, you should reconsider your diet. Here are tips from a royal nutritionist:

  • Use food from your garden, or bought on the farm.
  • Prefer fresh fruits, reduce any canned foods in your diet.
  • Eat enough protein, vegetarians can compensate for meat protein with dairy products, as well as legumes: chickpeas, mash, peas.
  • From fruit juices should be abandoned, better make fresh apples, celery, carrots or ginger.
  • Daily drink at least 6 glasses of water (6-8 glasses).
  • It is desirable to reduce the consumption of red meat. If you can not do without meat, replace them with chicken, turkey.
  • From fried food should be abandoned, it is also better to eat less mushrooms, cheese, smoked meats.
  • Reduce salt.
  • Eat only raw vegetables or fruits 1 day a week, or eat vegetable soup.

What and when

Megan Markle

Dr. Ali claims that there is a time for each product. Here are his recommendations on meals.

  • Breakfast: light food, rich in protein. Eggs, cottage cheese, almonds or milk will do. Also fit yogurt, oatmeal, fruit.
  • Lunch should be hearty, the most high-calorie meal of the day. Ideally combine protein, carbohydrates and fresh vegetables. For dessert, you can afford some sweets.
  • The latest meal should be no later than 19.00-20.00. Dinner should be light food, without spices. ALL fatty, sweet, spicy dishes should be abandoned.

As you can see, correctly distributing products from morning to evening, you can eat whatever you want, but at the right time!

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Straight posture

Kate middleton

The smooth back not only looks more attractive, but also keeps in tone all the muscles of the back and abdominals. This in turn favorably affects the work of all internal organs. That is why it is so important to monitor posture.

Proper lifestyle = 80% health

Ali claims that leading a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid 80% of illnesses. After all, a properly tuned body itself easily fights infections. We all know the principles of healthy lifestyles, because you should listen to the royal doctor.

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Rapid diagnosis of health as a language

Open mouth

Carefully looking at the language, you can easily find out about the main problems in the body.

  • The red tip is talking about problems with the cardiovascular system, or you should reduce your sugar and chocolate intake.
  • Spots of dark red shade talk about anemia.
  • Plaque yellow indicates problems with liver function, and gray is a sign of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, later there may be constipation.
  • Deep grooves on the surface of the tongue speak of gastritis or ulcer.
  • If the tongue, as it were, is wrinkled – this indicates a lack of fluid in the body – drink more water.

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