5+ Unusual Ideas How to Keep Bright Hair Colour in Summer

5+ Unusual Ideas How to Keep Bright Hair Colour in Summer

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How much would you not have to spend on the next colouring, the result, unfortunately, will be predictable. Even the most persistent hair colour will begin to lose its brightness within six weeks. It is especially difficult to maintain the freshness of the colour in the summer. Now prepare to hear the most unusual DIY ideas, tested and approved by the best colourists.

1. Vodka

5+ Unusual Ideas How to Keep Bright Hair Colour in Summer

Mix half a glass of vodka with 4 glasses hot water. Rinse the mix with damp hair, avoiding contact with eyes. Warm vodka will help remove chlorine and mineral deposits that lead to rapid fading of hair colour.

2. Apple vinegar

The following procedure will help prolong the effect of colouring and shine of your hair. Mix a glass of apple cider vinegar with three glasses of warm water. Rinse your hair with the resulting composition after you washed it with shampoo. Next you can use hair conditioner. Such colour prevention can be done once a week.

3. Ketchup

Yes, the idea of ​​plastering the head with ketchup sounds very strange, but it does work! If after bathing in the pool your hair has acquired a greenish shade, apply a handful of ketchup on dry or damp hair, wait 15 minutes and wash it off after. Ketchup neutralizes the green hue and retains the hair colour. However, the owner of a platinum blonde should be careful, since after such a rescue procedure, the hair may have a beige hue.

4. Cocoa powder

Brunettes and owners of chestnut shades can avoid the summer withering of colour using a mask based on cocoa powder. To do this, mix 1 tbsp. l. cocoa powder with the same quantity of yogurt, honey and apple cider vinegar. Distribute the mixture over washed hair, leave for 20 minutes and rinse after the time has elapsed. The natural acids contained in these ingredients enrich each strand with useful cocoa pigments and give the hair a strong colour.

5. Chamomile tea

To have the same bright hair colour as the first day of colouring, you again need to “pour on the head” the next kitchen ingredient. And this time it’s tea! Prepare chamomile tea, add a few drops of lavender oil and 3 tbsp. l. honey. Cool the tea to a warm temperature. Clean, washed hair rinse with broth. After five minutes, rinse the hair with running water and apply the conditioner. Chamomile and honey will restore the initial shine of your colour, while lavender oil will help soothe the scalp.

6. Olive oil and eggs

This mask is the fastest way to resume brightness on dyed hair. Mix two raw eggs with the same amount of olive oil and white vinegar. The resulting composition is applied to dry hair and hold for 30 minutes. After thoroughly rinse your head.

7. Coconut oil

Summer heat and beach season will not only negate all attempts to keep a bright shade, but also dry your hair. To protect your shock, take a little coconut oil and rub it in dry hair with massage movements. Wrap the hair in a nylon film or use a shower cap. Leave the mask for the night, and gently wash the head in the morning.

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8. Carrots and Raspberries

Mix a handful of carrots and raspberries with a small amount of yogurt and honey until smooth. Apply the mask to damp hair, and after 15 minutes rinse them. Carrots and raspberries will be removed from the copper shade from the hair colour, yogurt will contribute to the deep penetration of the coloring pigments, and honey will retain moisture.

Enjoy and stay healthy!!!!

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