5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Maximalist

5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Maximalist

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Break out your bold rugs, eclectic collectibles and ornate pillows because maximalism is back in a big way. Now is the time to take this fearless, no-rules design moment head on and add all the things you love to your space. Partial to pattern mixing? No problem. Love the drama of color clashing? Bring it on! 

From embracing bold hues to adorning every inch of your home with pieces that fill you with joy, read on for five ways you can max out your space!

Play with Color

A true maximalist is bold and unapologetic with her color palette. Vibrant jewel tones such as ruby red can quickly add drama while a dark black wall makes a powerful and stylish statement. Maximalist design can appear chaotic without a natural flow, so be sure to connect all the pops of color by reintroducing them throughout the home.

5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Maximalist

Image via Patrick Mele

Mix Patterns

Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with dramatic tones, don’t shy away from mixing patterns and embellishments. With maximalism, you have the freedom to add and blend in as many patterns as you want. Accomplish both sophistication and depth in your home by creating an accent wall with geometric motifs. Not sure what to do with those bare wooden floors? Throw an eclectic area rug into the mix!

5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Maximalist

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Pair Different Textures

When well executed, contrasting textures such as marble, luxurious crushed velvet, and polished blonde wood – each with its distinct finish and weight – can work harmoniously to enliven a room and make it extraordinary.

5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Maximalist

Image via Coco + Kelley

Layer with Purpose

Layering is key to achieving a perfectly balanced maximalist look. But beware: layering without careful planning or a clear aesthetic vision might just turn your beloved bungalow into an overwhelming design catastrophe. Quick tip: begin with the basics! Observe the dimensions of your space. After addressing fundamental elements such as flooring and walls, add furnishings and accent décor. To avoid clutter and disorder throughout the layering process, make use of attractive yet functional items such as rattan baskets and storage ottomans.

5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Maximalist

Image via Dwell

Fill Your Home with Love

Maximalists, rejoice! The beauty of this design style is that there are no rules preventing you from filling every inch of your home with artifacts that you love. Partial to greenery? Deck your kitchen out with overflowing, no-fuss house plants. If you are a devoted collector and connoisseur of art, reveal your passion and taste by designing a gallery wall of your most treasured paintings. Above all, the goal is to make sure this space is the ultimate reflection of you.

5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Maximalist

Image via Summer Thornton Design

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