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Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench…

If you guys remember back in September we hosted The Found Cottage Mercantile Market here in Michigan. We gathered vendors from around the country to sell amazing things on labor day weekend from vintage to handmade & all the vendors

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10 Most Expensive Christmas Trees

A feature of the world’s most expensive Christmas trees is in most cases their artificiality. Man is trying to create something more perfect than what nature has created – and it always


How To Keep Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly Really Easy!

These simple swaps are wins for you and the planet. Using reusable water bottles, recycling, ditching plastic straws—making choices that are good for the planet can feel overwhelming and complicated. But what if you


DIY Christmas Gallery Wall

You guys.. I had to! I had to get really festive at least in one area of our home. I’m not saying that my neutral simple approach to Christmas decor this year

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