7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists

7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists

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These places are puzzles for scientists, magnets for tourists, and sometimes arguments for ufologists and religious people.

TOP of the most mysterious places on the planet

Lost cities, villages where time is running back, and amazing buildings built thousands of years ago. We have selected for you a list of places surrounded by legends and riddles.

  1. Drawings in the Nazca desert

Drawings in the Nazca desert rightfully top the most mysterious places in the world. Giant figures, the outlines of which can be seen only from a bird’s eye view, located on the Peruvian plateau, to this day remain a mystery to scientists. Where did the thirty-meter images of birds, animals and geometric figures come from in ancient times (experts still cannot determine the exact time of the appearance of images)? It is known that the drawings were applied by pulling out peculiar trenches. At the same time, on the plateau there are no traces of the work of people who could dig up these trenches – neither footprints, nor prints from any wagons. And how could people create drawings of such enormous sizes hundreds of years ago in a place where there are no natural elevations from which a view of the plateau could open?

There are many questions related to these objects. Who created them, when, why, and most importantly, how? On the contrary, scientists give few adequate answers. Some believe that the hieroglyphics on the plateau are an encrypted message of colossal proportions. Other experts believe that these drawings are an ancient astronomical calendar that people created based on the stars.

7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists
  1. Kahokiya Mounds

Kahokiya is a prehistoric settlement of the Indians, which existed approximately in 700-1400 BC. Its ruins are the oldest monuments of the Mississippian culture. But the main feature of the village abandoned thousands of years ago are mounds. There are more than a hundred of them, and they amaze scientists not only with their age, but also with their size. How Indians engaged in hunting and gathering, who did not have the simplest building tools, managed to erect such buildings is a mystery.

The largest mound – an earthen mound, named Monks, has a length of about a thousand feet. And, apparently, the then inhabitants of Kahokiya built it, carrying clay just in their hands, as evidenced by nearby deep careers.

For tourists, occasionally reaching this distant corner of the planet, another object is interesting – a mound, in which about 200 women are buried, apparently victims of some ancient sinister ritual.

The ruler of a local tribe, buried nearby, was buried under tens of kilograms of seashells, which gave scientists the ground to study the religious beliefs of ancient people.

7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists
  1. Newgrange

It is considered one of the oldest religious buildings in the world. The huge complex was built in Ireland about five thousand years ago, and for centuries served as a venue for rituals and all kinds of ceremonies. What surprises archaeologists is the fact that a round structure of quartzite was erected, from which people in those days did not know how to build. Indeed, Newgrange is an order of magnitude older than all the Egyptian pyramids and even the famous Stonehenge! In addition, in the region where the structure is located, quartzite is not present in principle. Inside Newgrange is an ancient tomb, there are dozens of ritual chalices and objects intended for sacrifice.

The main feature of the structure is that there is a deep mine inside it, once a year, on the summer solstice, at exactly 12 o’clock in the afternoon the rays of the sun penetrate. How the builders of antiquity managed to calculate the angle of incidence of the sun in this place and on this very day is a question that scientists have no answer to.

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Newgrange attracts thousands of tourists every year. Last year, more than 25 thousand people wanted to get into the mysterious mine on the summer solstice to see a unique light show. However, only 50 people were allowed to contemplate the mystical phenomenon.

7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists
  1. Underwater Pyramids of Yonaguni

While scientists are wondering about how the Egyptian pyramids were built, we will tell you about something more interesting – about the underwater pyramids on the Japanese island of Yonaguni. Even after hundreds of divers explored these structures far and wide, experts cannot answer the question: are they the work of human hands, or a natural object. The stone blocks that make up the pyramids are perfectly flat, but there are no traces of human hands or tools on them.

However, scientists believe that two thousand years ago an ancient civilization lived in this place, the village of which was later flooded with water. By the way, archaeologists cannot name the exact age of the pyramids either. Some believe that they are about two thousand years old, others call the figure ten thousand.

It is interesting that not far from the pyramids, under water, the remains of an ancient sculpture were discovered, on which traces of hieroglyphs were preserved. It is unlikely that something like this could create sea waves …

  1. Maleb Triangle

He is the Molebsky anomalous zone. He is the main mystery of the Perm region, and of all of Russia. On the territory located between the Perm and Sverdlovsk region, abnormal phenomena constantly occur. Locals notice unidentified flying objects, light and sound mirages in the sky above the Molebsky triangle. For people who fall into these places, the time on the clock starts to go in the opposite direction, and any electronic devices are discharged in a matter of minutes.

Trying to justify the paranormal phenomena occurring in these places, scientists looked for variations in the magnetic field here, took soil samples, studied the radiation background, but found nothing unusual.

7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists
  1. Monuments on Easter Island

The twenty-meter-high sculptures of moai in the shape of human heads located on the coast of Easter Island are a big mystery for scientists. Archaeologists managed to find out that these statues were made in the middle of the island, from whole rocks of volcanic ash. But how sculptures, the weight of which varies from 20 to 270 (!) Tons, have moved to the coastal zone – a big question. Especially when you consider that the Moai were tentatively created in the 13th century, when the technology for moving so large loads did not exist. According to legend, stone heads “came” to see the ocean themselves. And no matter how many scientists fight over the Moai riddle, they have so far failed to find a more rational explanation for this “hypothesis”.

7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists
  1. Chavinda

A small town in Mexico, which would hardly have become famous for something unusual, if not for the mystical events taking place here with enviable regularity. Locals consider Chavinda “a place of intersection of worlds” due to the distortion of the perception of time and space that is observed here. For the first time, oddities in a settlement were seen in the 90s. Local treasure hunters noticed a horseman who covered a many-kilometer space in 5 minutes, moving, while, visually, quite slowly. Then, new local cars began to turn into piles of decayed metal in a matter of days. Interestingly, Chavinda was founded as a gold digging town. And as soon as they left these places, the devil stopped. True, the town itself in a couple of years has become uninhabited, but attracting tourists interested in mysticism.

7 Mystical Points Of The Planet That Remain A Mystery To Scientists

Mystical and mysterious places always attract crowds of tourists. And if you are one of those extreme people who are bored in Turkey and Egypt, and the soul craves for more vivid impressions – think about traveling to remote African countries.

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