7 rules of how to use the sporty trend this fall

7 rules of how to use the sporty trend this fall

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In the last couple of seasons, designers have begun to pay more and more attention to silhouettes that emphasize the waist. However, quarantine has made changes to this systematic movement towards femininity. It turned out that in stressful and hectic periods of life (for example, in the era of a pandemic), practical and comfortable clothing is needed more than ever. Instead of office and smart looks, we switched to comfortable sneakers and hoodies, which turned out to be appropriate for almost every occasion. The quarantine has passed, life is almost back on track, but the desire for comfort makes us return again and again to cozy sweatshirts and sweatshirts.

When sportswear turns into casual wear, a sporty style is born. More than just a trend, it reflects a lifestyle: we are increasingly striving to combine fashion with functionality and care about our health, preferring sneakers over heels, and loose tracksuits over tight, uncomfortable dresses in which it is impossible to breathe.

If in the summer it is even more or less clear how to wear sportswear, then in the fall, when the task of creating a stylish image is complicated by outerwear and layering, you need to keep your finger on the pulse and follow the current trends.

Feel in moderation

The main rule of using sportswear in the image is not to overdo it. It shouldn’t feel like you’re heading for a run, or just decided not to change from your home clothes. That is, it is necessary to maintain a balance in the combination of styles: at least two noticeable things should not be from the athlete’s wardrobe. It could be a bag massive jewelry and a classic coat or trench coat.

Keep in mind that hairstyle matters

Lush curls twisted on an iron look absolutely inappropriate if you are dressed up in a tracksuit. After all, sportswear is designed for everyday wear when we don’t bother too much about how our hair is laid. A slightly messy bun, a high or low tail will become faithful companions of the sporty style.

Blend classics with sporty style

If at first glance it seems to you that a trouser suit is the last thing that will be combined with sneakers, look how fashion bloggers have already successfully managed to “make friends” in one outfit. Your favorite fall coat will also look good with chunky trainers. They might even be more comfortable for you to run around town on a workday than in high heel ankle boots.

Remember accessories

The use of accessories should not be neglected. They don’t have to be massive. It could be like large link trend chain on the neck, and barely noticeable pendant or bracelet… Look great with tracksuits hoop earrings: any diameter is in vogue, the main thing is to look good with your neck length. The rules are the same as always: it’s better to wear one thing rather than all at once, so as not to look like a Christmas tree.

Dress for the occasion

Do not forget that sportswear are specific things. You can sit in them at a remote work at home, go to the store, to informal meetings with friends, but for an interview, wedding or business meeting, it is better to choose something elegant and appropriate to the situation.

Follow the trends

The fashion for sportswear is something mobile, there are no established classics. Every season, designers turn to sportswear for inspiration, whether it’s baseball, golf, or cyclist. This summer, for example, short tennis skirts in light shades were at their peak.

This fall and winter, you should pay attention to high-top sneakers, textured sweatpants, shoes with massive soles, bombers (elongated quilted options are now especially popular for cool weather), oversized oversized down jackets. A combination of different fabrics is trending, so try a leather jacket or sheepskin coat with a tracksuit, and a hoodie with jeans or a denim sundress.

In addition, you can include basic sportswear in your image: oversized hoodies, sweatshirts, elongated sweatshirt dresses, T-shirts. All this goes well with bulky jackets and coats. If you are one of those people who do not wear a hat to the last, a sweatshirt with a hood is definitely your option, because it is an absolute trend to wear coats and down jackets with it.

Don’t forget your style

While you need to constantly check the latest trends in order to look modern, don’t ignore your own ideas about style. If you realize that a sporty crop top with a jacket and high-waisted jeans is not your story, replace it with something more classic like a white tee.

Now it is fashionable to wear sportswear in bright, almost acidic colors, however, if you do not like it, give preference to things in pastel shades. The main thing is to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. This is the plus of modern trends.

Sportswear is another universal trend that you should try on yourself to diversify your wardrobe and try something new.

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