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7 Secrets to Look 10 Years Younger

7 Secrets to Look 10 Years Younger 36

It’s natural to grow old … But the more you think about it, the sadder it becomes, right? But no one forbids us to look wonderful at any age. Especially if you know the secrets of Youth, how to stay young quickly and easily.

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Be careful with the color

Bright colors are good for the stage and for eccentric show business stars. And for elegant ladies and stylish beauties, better and more sophisticated combinations of shades. The same applies to hair – choose natural colors.



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Using a highlighter, do not just stop at the area under the eyes. Add an accent to the outer and inner corners of the eyes and the top of the lips – you will see the difference! The face will become fresh, and the lowered corners will visually rise.

Keep shapes

When choosing jeans, pay attention to those in which the fabric contains at least a few percent of elastic fibers. Stretching, these jeans will perfectly emphasize your forms.

All forward

Your breasts deserve better. Sometimes the different manufacturers of laundry differ slightly in the parameters within the dimensions. So do not get hung up on numbers, but rather concentrate on your feelings. In the right underwear, your breasts will be raised and at the same time not constrained.

Pink cheeks


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Of course, no one canceled hyaluronic acid injections, but many of them do more harm than good. And the effect of such procedures is short-lived. Therefore, use a light pink blush and lightly tap the “apples” of the cheeks to give skin fresh blush.

Change the dark to light

Lip gloss

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With age, the swelling of the lips is lost, which means that it needs to be corrected. Instead of matte dark lipsticks that emphasize the tired outline, shift your attention to glossy pink and peach shades.

More moisture


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We are not talking about water, although its importance can not be overestimated. Just replace the possible dry cosmetics with damp cosmetics and you will see how the skin becomes fresh. The wrinkles and lethargy will not be so emphasized, and the species will become more fresh.

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