8 products that speed up AGING and how to replace them

8 products that speed up AGING and how to replace them

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It would seem, what can do harm if you have a piece of an innocent cake with a cup of your favorite hot coffee? Today we will tell you which products are best to avoid, because their use is reflected primarily in the youth and beauty of our skin.

Eat and get old: Top 8 foods that should be excluded from the diet

We all want to stay beautiful for as long as possible, and healthy beautiful skin is the first sign of an organism’s youth. What products should be avoided, or at least reduce their use? Read to the end, some products in our list you will be especially surprised!

1. Sweets

Sugar not only leads to weight gain, but also accelerates the aging process of the skin. The result – the appearance of wrinkles, flabbiness, dull complexion. If you consume too much sugar, the body starts the process glycation.

  • Glycation, or the Meyer reaction, is a process during which sugars and protein molecules combine. This leads to a decrease in collagen, as a result of which the skin quickly loses its elasticity. Cosmetologists even have a special term “sugar face”.

Dermatologists advise to reduce sugar intake and eat sweet fruits or dried fruits (also in moderation).

2. Trans fats

Where do trans fats meet? First of all, it is fast food, as well as any food, deep fried. This includes confectionery, which filled the shelves of the market, because in almost any product in this category you will find margarine.

  • Besides the fact that these products provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases, they also accelerate the aging process of the skin. After all, their use thins the walls of blood vessels, as a result of which the blood circulation in general is disturbed. This has a direct effect on the condition of the skin.

Nutritionists advise to refrain from such products and arrange yourself only 1 “boot” day a week, when you can afford harm, but in moderation! ?

3. Processed meat

It has long been known that the use of meat accelerates the aging of the organism as a whole, but many simply cannot give up this product. Especially harmful sausages that contain a large amount of preservatives and salt, and more often – monosodium glutamate – flavor enhancer.

  • The processing of meat takes a huge amount of energy and resources of the body. In addition, toxic substances that are found in meat products reduce the production of vitamin C, which plays an important role in the formation of collagen.

If you are not ready to completely abandon meat products, try to switch to natural poultry meat – it is easier for the body to digest and does not contain such a large amount of chemicals. But remember that for good reason many actors and athletes switch to vegetarian food altogether.

4. Fried potatoes

Getting into our body, the potato instantly turns into sugar (fast carbohydrate). But this is not all: the fact is that any products fried in oil at high temperatures have a negative effect on the condition of our skin.

  • Baked potatoes will not harm and preserve useful minerals and vitamins.

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5. Salt

Salt today is insidiously hiding in almost any product: cheeses, pizza, chips, crackers, flakes, and all kinds of crackers, nuts.

  • It is no secret that salt retains water in the body, as a result, the cells are dehydrated, and we have the result on the face: swelling and hateful bags under the eyes!

Try to use enough water and limit yourself in these harmful goodies at least in the evening and at night!

Stop Doing This Every Day And You Will Slow Down Aging!

A bit more:

  1. Coffee and any drinks with a high content of caffeine also dehydrate our bodies. If you can’t live without coffee or green tea, then for every cup of invigorating drink, be sure to drink a glass of water.
  2. Spicy foods – red pepper, chili and any spicy spices not only lead to vasodilatation, but also the formation of an unpleasant skin disease – rosacea. The skin turns red, red vascular “stars” appear on it.
  3. Alcohol is one of the main enemies of beauty. Indeed, under its influence the skin loses its elasticity, elasticity, collagen production is reduced. Acne, wrinkles, peeling of the epidermis and flabbiness of the skin – only the beginning. Well, swelling …

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