A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge

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A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge

Matt and Beau of LGBTQ lifestyle blog Probably This truly are Jacks-of-all-trades. For the past few years they’ve been teaching their readers how to cook, travel well, and dress to turn heads. As if that weren’t enough, earlier this fall they added “renovations” to their growing list of can-do’s when they bought a vintage trailer named Rosie.

They found the 1969 Globestar traveler on eBay, and since driving her home have swapped out her floors, changed up her lighting and optimized her small footprint to accommodate guests and pets. The new look is soft and calming, an oasis on wheels, and blends nods to the camper’s heyday with modern additions like contemporary wallpaper, copper accents and updated lighting. Overall, the space is just as nice as any brick-and-mortar home, and after three months of hard work, is all set to hit the road in style. Scroll down to check out the transformation and read more about everything this multitalented duo did to make Rosie sing. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Probably This

Image above: Matt and Beau had very little renovation experience when they bought this retro trailer. All told, the camper and its new furnishings cost them $10,000.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


When renovations kicked off, Matt and Beau made sure they didn’t lose sight of the trailer’s 1960s heritage. One way they did this is by keeping the camper’s original name: Rosie.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


Faye Bell’s retro, southwestern-inspired artwork on Rosie’s exterior nods to her heyday, when camping and hitting the road was one of America’s most popular pastimes.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


Rosie is on the smaller side. Brightening up the richer tones of her cabinets and walls helps her feel larger and much more airy.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


The couple doesn’t go anywhere without their pup, so they turned this cabinet into a pet kennel and bed for their four-legged pal.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


This area can be turned into a second bed by simply removing the table and resting it on the edges of the accompanying benches.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


One of the most challenging parts of the renovation was removing the top bunk from the sleeping area. It was so large, it wouldn’t fit through the hall or doorway. Perplexed but determined, Beau and Matt eventually had to chop it up inside the tiny trailer in order to remove it.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


Wallpaper in a contemporary design keeps the space from feeling too retro.

A Vintage Camper’s Revamp – Design*Sponge


Beau and Matt are most proud of the triangular floor they created alongside carpenter Chad Robin. “The (Cedar) floors are particularly stunning in the morning when the light hits them. [They make] the entire trailer glow,” they say.

Source List

Exterior artwork– Faye Bell

Flooring – Totem Woodworks

Lighting – Sazerac Stitches

Wallpaper – Hygge and West “Rose Dancers”

Bedding and pillows – West Elm

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