Anti-pollution Cosmetics  – a New Player on the Beauty Field

Anti-pollution Cosmetics – a New Player on the Beauty Field

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All girls and women living in big cities face the same problem: no matter how you care for your skin, the impact of the polluted atmosphere can be seen with the naked eye. Unfortunately, we can not influence this situation globally. We can only protect ourselves on our own.

Breathe deeper? Or it is not necessary …

Emissions into the atmosphere, an increase in the number of vehicles, technogenic progress lead to the inevitable: in large cities it’s increasingly difficult to live. Try to compare two women with the same lifestyle, one of which lives in the metropolis, and the other – in a small town. You will see that their skin color is different. And despite all the tricks and financial injections of the “city-girl”, it does not look fresh.

Cosmetologists call several basic problems faced by city residents:

  • skin inflammation,
  • dermatitis, acne,
  • dryness,
  • early aging.

Unfortunately, routine care is indispensable here.

Rescue of drowning people – special cosmetics case

If on your tube with cream written that it protects against ultraviolet, then do not expect from it another action. The face cream will not protect you from free radicals. And to clean the skin will not help either.

If you stumble upon the prefix Detox, this is closer to the truth and, perhaps, will even help a little to bring the skin “to life”. If the manufacturer is honest, the components of the cream or whey will help to remove toxins and restore cellular metabolism.

Anti-pollution – against contaminants

This is how the name of the new direction in cosmetics is translated. These are the means that include components that can fight not only surface contamination, but also neutralize the effects of industrial exhausts, and interfere with the effects of infrared rays and harmful ozone.

Do not think that if you left for a week in a green corner , then all the harmful effects on your skin stop. After all, the atmosphere of the Earth is too broken to provide reliable protection for your beauty.

To make sure that you are not deceived again and you really bought anti-pollution cosmetics, pay attention to the mandatory components in its composition: protein components : perfluorocarbon, lipopeptides, resveratrol;

  • ferulic acid;
  • vitamins C and E;
  • natural probiotics;
  • ceramide, phospholipids;
  • rheological components : dextran, caffeine, extract of ginkgo biloba and horse chestnut;
  • plant extracts: pine bark, green tea, witch hazel, bilberry;
  • energy molecules: adenosine, coenzyme


Of course, it is impossible to completely remove all the effects of harmful effects, but you must try. We want to look great, no matter what!


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