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Attention! Infertility Seriously Threatens Ill Men With Coronavirus

Attention! Infertility Seriously Threatens Ill Men With Coronavirus 36

Wuhan coronavirus can harm the reproductive health of men, experts at the Tongji Hospital Center for Reproductive Medicine have established, according to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

According to experts, the infection can lead to a violation of immune homeostasis in the testes. This ailment, in turn, causes orchitis – an inflammation of the testicles that reduces sperm count. As a result, the man faces infertility.

Doctors recommended the stronger gender, who had been ill with COVID-2019, to seek the advice of specialists in order to find out if the disease had an effect on their fertility. According to doctors, the possibilities of modern medicine can eliminate this problem, provided that the man in time to seek help from doctors.

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