Biohacking: What Is It And Its Basic Principles. Do Celebrities Use Biohacking?

Biohacking: What Is It And Its Basic Principles. Do Celebrities Use Biohacking?

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Not so long ago, a new trend appeared in society, which was called “biohacking.” This technique is based on a person’s desire to live forever and at the same time be young and strong. There are a lot of ways to crack your own body and gene code, and everyone can choose exactly what suits him or her best.

Biohacking – What is it?

From a scientific point of view, biohacking is the study of all body tissues, internal organs and systems in order to determine how positive changes can be made to them. Typically, such studies are carried out in the laboratory, and the correction consists in a genetic study or taking certain drugs. Another area of ​​biohacking is the implantation of technological inventions into the body. And those who use it are called grinders.

Biohacking principles

Biohacking: What Is It And Its Basic Principles. Do Celebrities Use Biohacking?

At first glance, biohacking is simply a fashionable trend, but its benefits are undeniable, since the fundamentals of the technique comply with the recommendations that official medicine offers.

Full sleep

Even schoolchildren know that a person needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Therefore, biohackers have not revealed anything new to us. Somnological research will help a person find out the individual duration of sleep and the optimal period for this.

If it is not possible to undergo a comprehensive examination, but there is a desire to create a decent basis for relaxation, it is important to adhere to some rules:

  • Lie down and get up every day at the same time.
  • It is important that the room where you sleep has fresh, moist and cool air. The optimum temperature is about +18 – +19 degrees.
  • 2-3 hours before you go to bed, you must avoid the influence of “blue” light, which can emit the displays of TVs and electronic devices, as well as some lamps. You need to sleep in complete darkness.

Healthy eating

In order to make an accurate diet suitable for a particular person, he needs to undergo a comprehensive examination and collect a detailed history. It is important to understand how the body reacts to certain products, how energy is consumed, etc.

Biohacking: What Is It And Its Basic Principles. Do Celebrities Use Biohacking?

At the same time, there are certain general tips that should be followed by absolutely everyone who decided to adhere to biohacking:

  • The amount of pure sugar should be minimized. A person needs only the sugar that enters the body along with vegetables, fruits and other healthy products.
  • It is advisable to discard the salt completely. But, if it is very difficult to do, then at least it should be minimized.
  • Refuse meat and meat products that are produced on an industrial scale. The fact is that on farms and large farms, animals can be given various additives to accelerate their growth.
  • Stop smoking and alcohol completely.
  • Drink exceptionally clean water. Coffee, tea and especially sweet drinks are sources of light carbohydrates and other substances that can cause disturbances in the normal functioning of the body.

In addition, some biohackers periodically starve. Also, a ketogenic diet has become popular among them. Its essence is the use of large amounts of fatty foods and the restriction of carbohydrates.

Physical activity

A healthy lifestyle is impossible without physical activity. It is important to understand that general recommendations and training systems do not guarantee a high-quality result. Ideally, if all exercises will be selected individually, based on the nature of nutrition, the rhythm of life and other features of human life. At the same time, biohackers argue that you should not make sport the main task in your life. Physical activity is needed, first of all, to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, maintain the psycho-emotional state of each of us.

Mental practices

One of the key principles of the methodology is the fight against stress. Mental practices are ideal for this. It is proved that meditation, psychotherapy and even sex can relieve fatigue and tension, maintain optimism.

Biohacking: What Is It And Its Basic Principles. Do Celebrities Use Biohacking?

All this has a positive effect on mental abilities, physical and mental health.

Intake of vitamins and certain drugs

This is exactly how biohacking differs from a traditional healthy lifestyle. Not a single biohacker will tell you that you need to take multivitamins, biological supplements, etc. For them it is important that everything that enters their body is of natural origin. Therefore, if the body is deficient in a certain vitamin, you need to choose the product in which it is present.

Biohackers also adhere to the principles of a healthy diet, but at the same time, they are sure that no diet can completely satisfy the body in the necessary substances. Therefore, to maintain health, prevent disease, strengthen immunity and slow down aging, you need to take certain drugs.

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The dangers of biohacking

A full sleep, proper nutrition, physical activity – it would seem that this is just an ideal lifestyle. But, it turns out that this technique also has its drawbacks. Creating a personal system that would be truly effective would require tremendous costs. And this is not only money, but also time, and especially willpower.

Biohacking: What Is It And Its Basic Principles. Do Celebrities Use Biohacking?

Biohacking is not a specific wellness course, but a life approach. Therefore, if you do not follow all the recommendations, then the effect will simply go away. To live as long as possible, you need to regularly calculate the number of calories consumed, exercise, undergo examination and, if necessary, make adjustments to the life schedule. Some who decided to master this technique admitted that all this deprived them of a sense of well-being. Moreover, total control over all body processes that are subject to control can cause serious psychological problems.

The pursuit of a healthy and long life is laudable. But, only you need to relate to this wisely. You need to plan your diet and exercise only after a comprehensive examination and consultation with specialists.

Do Celebrities Use Biohacking? I think many of them are biohackers for long long time :).

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