Children’s Tricks Used In Art Create Amazing Beauty Imagery From Petals, Leaves, Decorations and Wreaths of Flowers

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Plants are an important material for me says Katya Molchanova; this is largely due to my childhood experience. All my childhood every summer I spent either in the yard or with my grandmother in the village. My friends and I, like so many children, created whole worlds around us with their own currency, leaves, with food from sand and dandelions, with our own rules and peculiarities. It’s just all these children’s tricks that I take as the basis of my work. It seems to me that is why I so often see comments under my work that almost everyone did something similar in childhood – nails, petals, leaves, decorations and wreaths of flowers.

I am not a makeup artist, but cosmetics is an important tool for creating images for me. In my masks, clean parts of the face are always visible – lips, eyes and often eyebrows. I complement them with shine so that in the frame they shimmer beautifully. When in the autumn I want to remember how the summer smells and looks like – I turn to bright lipsticks, highlighter and aromas. The aromas from the collection are associated with summer and flowering.

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