Choosing An Anti-Stress Snack At Work

Choosing An Anti-Stress Snack At Work

ben January 13, 2020 0

We know which foods will boost your mood and give you strength all day.

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Stress will not go away!

Most of us live in a small amount of sunlight, constant stress and emotional upheaval. We try to reduce the level of stress in various ways, and not always healthy. However, we want to offer options for a snack at work, which will be not only useful for your body, but also for the soul, namely about anti-stress products.


Agree, we do not always have time to have breakfast, and at work there is not always time for a full lunch. In this situation, several oranges will save you. You can take with you as a whole fruit, and squeeze out the juice, diluting it with water, if there are problems with the stomach. As you know, these citrus fruits contain an incredible amount of vitamin C, which not only enhances immunity, but also works well with stress hormones, positively affecting their content in the blood. Take note!


Another useful product for a light snack. This nut contains alpha-linolenic acid, which will help lower blood pressure and will generally improve your mood if someone has already spoiled it before that. However, be careful: any nuts are quite difficult to digest, so experts recommend eating no more than 50 grams. in a day.

Green tea

One of the most popular foods among people who monitor their health is green tea. It contains tianine, which in addition to antioxidant properties has the ability to affect the nervous system. A few cups a day will allow you to relax, put your thoughts in order, and if you invite a pretty colleague to a cup of tea, this will enhance the positive effect of tea several times.

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Bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate without impurities is able to reduce blood pressure in a short time and has an antioxidant property. Doctors often advise this product to people suffering from heart problems. In addition, chocolate actively promotes the production of endorphin, the so-called hormone of happiness. But do not lean on the chocolate too much – only 30 grams. chocolate will be enough to charge yourself with energy and positive.

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