Choose a leaf and find out how you behave in a relationship

Choose a leaf and find out how you behave in a relationship

ben October 29, 2019 0

Everyone sees an ideal relationship in their own way. That is why some people cannot build a strong bond: they do not fit together. What kind of love are you in? Do you value freedom or depend on a partner? I invite you to take a simple test to get to know yourself on the other side.

Test: what are you in a romantic relationship?

Close your eyes and imagine how colorful foliage falls from trees to the ground. Now open your eyes and select one of the leaves in the picture. Which one did you like?

Choose a leaf and find out how you behave in a relationship

Option A

You are a very motivated and purposeful person. When you fall in love, you realize that you are ready to do everything to build a strong relationship. You know how not to spray and take care of your feelings. Therefore, your love will not fade away. You are honest with your partner and you will never lie to him or cheat on him.

Option B

You love freedom. Falling in love with someone, you can not show your true feelings for a long time. Perhaps this is because you are afraid to plunge into a serious long-term relationship. You like to experiment, so you are really very good in bed.

Option C

You are a person who fully surrenders to relationships. You are ready to devote your life to your loved one, which is actually not very good for you. You are very flexible, so do not mind adapting to different conditions and compromise. Anyone with you is lucky. But do not forget to think about yourself!

Option D

You are an idealist and a romantic. The ideal relationship for you is sincere and pure. Each date is like a first for you. You make fabulous plans and dream of something sublime. There are few people like you in the world. We are sure you will find someone who will be worthy of you!

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