Do You Have Flaky Skin? Here is How To Save It From Cold!

Do You Have Flaky Skin? Here is How To Save It From Cold!

ben January 28, 2019 0

Remember when you were a kid how excited you got when it snowed? As an adult, that initial excitement is still there — until you realize there’s no such thing as a snow day from the office. Along with shoveling sidewalks and slush on your new boots, another major winter bummer comes in the form of flaky skin.

“When it’s cold outside, there’s less moisture in the environment, and wind and central heating further lessen the overall moisture content in the air,” says Dr. Dendy Engelman. “In this state, water is lost from skin cells, leaving skin dry, flaky, and chapped.”

Do You Have Flaky Skin? Here is How To Save It From Cold!But freezing temperatures aren’t the only culprit. Using skincare products with too-strong chemicals can also irritate and dry out your complexion. “If all the oils on your skin are removed [after using harsh products], the skin will become even more unbalanced,” explains Dr. Engelman. It’s best to keep the moisture your skin already has by using an oil-based cleanser, like Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil, because it eliminates impurities without drying out the skin. “Essentially, the oil [in the product] binds to the oils on your face, while the cleanser rinses them away without stripping your skin of its good, natural oils,” says Dr. Engelman.

Do You Have Flaky Skin? Here is How To Save It From Cold!While you might be tempted to scrub those flakes away, Dr. Engelman says to take it down a notch. “Over-exfoliation will expose skin and weaken the skin-barrier function, triggering inflammation and ultimately causing the skin to flake,” she explains. Even if your barrier function isn’t visibly damaged, your skin could experience a small amount of inflammation (called chronic inflammation), which, over time, will prematurely age skin. Replace those harsh scrubs and alcohols with the ultra-gentle Whamisa by Glow Studio Charcoal Chai Tea Pore Refining Pads. Rich in protective antioxidants, these 100% cotton pads are infused with charcoal and levulinic acid to detoxify, retexturize, and buff away dead skin cells without drying out your complexion.

Do You Have Flaky Skin? Here is How To Save It From Cold!When your skin is compromised, you need to take your moisturizer game to the next level. The good news is you don’t need to slather on a heavy cream in order to get the moisture you so desperately need. The Make P:rem Safe Me. Relief Moisture Green Ampoule is a lightweight skin serum made with rare Brazilian Green Propolis, which can penetrate below those scaly patches to calm irritation, heal damage, and cushion skin in feathery soft hydration.

Do You Have Flaky Skin? Here is How To Save It From Cold!Go the extra mile with an overnight mask like the dead-skin dissolving Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask or the hyper-hydrating Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask. Apply a healthy dose before bed and wake up with hydrated, flake-free skin that’s soft to the touch.

Do You Have Flaky Skin? Here is How To Save It From Cold!According to Dr. Engelman, one of the biggest mistakes we’re making is not reapplying moisturizer throughout the day. “Consistent application will keep your skin continually protected and keep moisture locked in,” she says. “Protecting your skin against wind and [dry] heat will allow it to repair itself and provide a barrier for environmental aggressors.” That’s great advice, but applying moisturizer over makeup isn’t very convenient. Which is where hydrating beauty products like Yuri Pibu Cucu Maronza Cushion and J. One Haart Mermaid Glow Color Lip Tint Balm come in. They can be reapplied throughout the day and won’t mess with your makeup — in fact, they’ll keep you looking fresh and glowy all day long.

Then, of course, is that age-old rule: Drink more water! “No moisturizer can help if you are dehydrated,” explains Dr. Engelman. Although it may be tough, she urges us all to reach for water over coffee and sugary drinks, because “water is one of the most essential ingredients for healthy, beautiful skin.” Combine that with a moisturizing skincare regimen and scaly skin won’t be a worry anymore — you’ve got plenty of other winter annoyances to deal with.

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