Fashionistas Note: Style Tips for Handbags on a Chain

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In the world of fashion there was no such period when the bag on a chain did not fall on the catwalks of fashion week. This design is timeless, although every year it receives some colourful updates and upgrades.

A purse on a chain

Depending on the style, the bag may look elegant, create a harsh avant-garde atmosphere or give a hint of pop art irony. In this article you will learn interesting facts about the bag on a chain, get tips on choosing the right accessory for yourself and a few recommendations on style.

History and facts about the bag on a chain

Black bag Chanel

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Chanel ascribes the creation of the very first bag with a shoulder strap, which allowed women to free their hands. This bag, 2.55, which was created in 1955 and had chain belts, which have since become a classic element of the shoulder bag. Nowadays, every self-respecting fashion house has at least a few of these types of bags with chains in the collection.

Bags on a chain come in different styles and designs, the most common of which are the following:

  • Clutches and wallets, especially with the design of the envelope, are often the main choice when it comes to bags, chains. This is perfect for the evening. Often the strap can be removed to ease the mistress of the burden.
  • The latch bag is another type of ordinary chain bag, although in some cases it is considered more like a jewel. They are made of solid material, round or square, and often covered with precious stones.
  • The most common modern shoulder bag design is a small bag with a flap, for example, Chanel 2.55.

Tips for choosing the perfect bag

Pink bag on a chain

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As you probably already understood, bags with chains are a small or medium option for a short event or an evening out. If you need a practical and roomy bag in which all the necessary things fit, then it is better to choose an accessory with strong shoulder straps.

Before buying, consider your personal needs. If you need a bag for everyday needs, then pay attention to the options of medium size. They will not be able to accommodate a book or tablet, but for a phone, wallet or other trifles are fine. If you need a bag for an evening event, then a clutch on a chain will be an ideal option. Such a bag in itself will become an ornament. You can remove the chain if it does not fit into your image.

Black bags on a chain of Chanel

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When it comes to color, choose based on personal preferences and the basic color scheme of your wardrobe. Black bag will be universal, although it looks a bit boring. Monochrome bags of other colors will look more lively and intriguing. And finally, multi-colored and unique in shape bags with a chain strap will make a serious statement.

A bag with prints will add excitement to your image, it is better to wear it with a monochrome classic outfit. If you decide to buy a designer bag, then choose a classic design, since it will not go out of fashion and will not lose its value. Chanel is the main confirmation.

Style Tips

Girls with a bag on a chain

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The bag looks incredible in combination with evening wear. The main thing is to make sure that the color of the metal jewelry that you wear have the same color as the metal chains on the bag. If your outfit is light and airy, then make sure that the chain is not too massive, otherwise it will “weight” the image.

The professional environment is often quite limited, but chain bags exist for so long that they do not cause any contradictions. Any bag with a colored strap can work with business casual attire if its color matches well with the rest of your outfit. Of course, it will be easier to carry a neutral black, white or brown bag.

Bag with a strap on a chain

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White, pastel or multi-colored chain bag fits perfectly into the spring or summer daytime image. Dresses in lighter colors look elegant with a bag with lighter chains, although a black bag with a chain can add a really unique contrast, especially if there is at least one black element in the clothes.

With the revival of the 90s in the fashion world, you will be delighted with how the chain bag fits perfectly into your style. A red or black chain bag goes well with a striped T-shirt tucked into ripped jeans.

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