Suffering From Insomnia Confession or How I Learned to Sleep

Suffering From Insomnia Confession or How I Learned to Sleep

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Insomnia… Are you an owl or a lark? Here I am – a crazy bird that always wants to sleep … And it does not matter if I get up early or lie in bed until the last, the result is the same. When I could not stand it and went to the doctor, he told me that sleep time is, of course, important, but much more important than its (sleeping) quality. You can sleep for five hours tightly and perfectly hold on all day, and you can nip 10 hours on the bed in search of a comfortable position and in the morning be that crazy bird.

Suffering From Insomnia Confession or How I Learned to Sleep

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After listening to an intelligent person, I went to the World Wide Web to look for the answer to the question: how to sleep well? And you know, I found some practical advice. While I can not say that I left the category of all the same birds, but the trend is clearly positive, so I will continue, which I advise you. So, I share information, do not thank (though, you can write a couple of pleasant words in the comments 🙂

Sleeping mode

Boring – you say. Yeah, especially when you are already knocking down furniture from lack of sleep … Therefore, joking aside and adjusting the regime. I will say at once: it is not easy to do this because you need to change your habits. Now it will not work until night to watch 325 series of favorite adventures of the detective or melodrama with a teary end. Whatever it was, but at the appointed time you should be in bed. It is better if it is in the range between 22 and 24 hours. And so every day, even on weekends.

And in the mornings it is necessary to get up on an alarm clock and not to rearrange it 10 times for 10 minutes. In the beginning it will be difficult, then get involved. Especially if the day before it was on time. So the body will get used to certain actions (it’s smart) and will adjust to rest, which means it will take less time to fall asleep.

Suffering From Insomnia Confession or How I Learned to Sleep

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It turns out that physical exertion is useful not only for your figure and your trainer’s purse. People who are actively engaged, especially in the morning, by the evening feel good and quickly fall asleep. Physiologists could talk more about the interaction of hormones, but one thing is important to us: physical activity allows the body to be toned, and not sluggish sausage all day.

However, according to the latest information and evening training beneficially affect the body. It is important only that it is not a grueling crossfit. But, if you know that after training you are always overexcited (oh, this coach …), then it’s best to postpone the classes early.

I chose for myself time after work, which allows me to not eat up for the night (do not really want after such a hard work on the press) and in time to calm down before going to bed.

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Down with gadgets

All these fitness bracelets with their smart sleep tracking – it’s certainly cool. But do you know how many people get depressed from the fact that on their schedule they see a constant lack of sleep? Personally, it never hindered me, because I did not track this parameter, but especially impressionable natures can be very upset.

So use gadgets wisely: keep track of what you need and do not go into unnecessary. Better take concrete steps to improve your sleep: walk in the evening or postpone the scan of the detective.

Suffering From Insomnia Confession or How I Learned to Sleep

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Well, how somebody can live without stress, darling, in our time? Job, relationships, personal life, politics … All this can drive anyone into insomnia only admit, from the endless “chewing” of the situation at least once you feel better? And your hormonal system at this moment gets SOS signals and how rabid begins to develop stress hormones to help you.

Use the advice of Scarlett O’Hara: think about it tomorrow. And if stress took place during the day, relax with meditation or breathing exercises. Just do not use alcohol for this! Verified: the result will be reversed. Not only will you restlessly sleep, so also the morning will be unkind.

Suffering From Insomnia Confession or How I Learned to Sleep

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Comfortable bedroom

You are here to want to sleep! Do not eat, do not watch TV, do not make love, but just sleep 🙂 Everything else can also be done, but in the evening remove all reminders about it away and leave only a soft comfortable bed with plump pads, and beckoning in your arms. Dense curtains, fresh air and muted music are also excellent neighbors for your sleep. Try it, you will like it!

So, my experience was this. Now I sleep better, even if not for long. In the future I plan to make my suppers easier, but so far I have not been able to do it, although they say that it helps a lot. Do you agree?

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