Festive Red Lipstick Picks | The Makeup Directory

Festive Red Lipstick Picks | The Makeup Directory

ben December 19, 2017 0

Festive Red Lipstick Picks | The Makeup Directory

Red lipstick is an absolute must for me in December and as the years have gone on I’ve become braver and braver with it. There was a time when I wouldn’t dare go for red lipstick and then when I eventually did, I found them smudging, fading fast and on my teeth – not good looks. Over the years, I’ve found formulations which work much better for me and ones that I actually trust to stay in place. As I become braver with red lipsticks this list expands so now I’ve got a whole collection of red lipsticks I absolutely love. So today I thought I’d share those with you!

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red (Review)
Red Carpet Red was my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and the first red I ever truly loved. There is nothing more luxurious than having a high-end red lipstick only reserved for special occasions and that’s exactly what this lipstick is for me. I have a few cheaper alternatives and dupes now but I still use Red Carpet Red for special days as it evokes something in me when I know I’m going to use it. I just love it!

Rimmel The Only Matte Take The Stage (Review)
Speaking of highstreet dupes for Red Carpet Red, Take The Stage is definitely one of them. The formula of these really reminds me of the Matte Revolution one from Charlotte Tilbury as they’re extremely long-lasting but don’t feel particularly drying either and the colour itself is a pretty close match. I would say Take The Stage is slightly brighter than Red Carpet Red and maybe doesn’t have that ~lux~ look does that the more expensive option has, but for the price it’s a must-have red lipstick.

Rimmel 01
Rimmel 01 is one of my older lipsticks and I crack it out every single year – probably should replace it sometime soon actually… I don’t find this as long-lasting as the two mattes I’ve mentioned so far so as the years have gone on I’ve reached for it less and less, but it’s still a worthy mention as a nice red and if you don’t like mattes you might like the more satin finish of 01.

Festive Red Lipstick Picks | The Makeup Directory

KissMe Liquid Lipstick in Poison Apple
This is the newest red lipstick that has made my ~ultimate red lipsticks~ cut and I’ve mentioned it a lot since I’ve tried it. I feel slightly bad recommending it as you can’t buy it as a single and can only sign up to the KissMe service from Live Glam but to be honest, all the shades are nice so it’s worth doing. This is the first red liquid lipstick I’ve loved and it just does not budge. If you want a red which stays put during all your food on Christmas day, this is the one for you.

Tanya Burr Let’s Travel The World Lipgloss
I know that glosses aren’t the most on-trend thing anymore, although I do suspect they’ll have a major comeback in the next few years, but I still am a big fan of gloss and I love the ones from Tanya Burr. Either worn on its own or over one of the previously mentioned lipsticks, Let’s Travel The World is just gorgeous. It is pretty pigmented for a lipgloss too which I really like. You can see it in action in an old makeup look I did, used over the top of Red Carpet Red.

Clarins Lip Oil in Red Berry
Last but not least is my little nod to red and that’s with the Clarins Lip Oil in Red Berry. I’ve started using my lip oils again because the weather has become so cold and they are the only things that really keep my lips hydrated. I love all the tinted versions they’ve released and Red Berry just makes my lips look so healthy with a sheer coating of red. Again, you can wear this on its own or on top of another lipstick to give a high-shine finish.

What are your favourite red lipsticks for Christmas?




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