Find Out Which Chips are Poisonous to Humans

Find Out Which Chips are Poisonous to Humans

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Frito-Lay, the daughter company of PepsiCo, based in Texas, was discovered to have been selling poisonous food products to the general public, products that contain GM corn and Monsanto’s herbicide called glyphosate. Both of these ingredients have been linked to a number of health complications, including kidney failure and hormone imbalances.

Tests on Frito-Lays Sunchips revealed shocking news

According to the recent tests conducted on the Sunchips produced by Frito-Lays, 100% of the corn used to make these chips is GM Bt-corn. This type of corn, as you may recall, is able to make its own insecticide in the plant’s cells, one that can’t be washed off and is under regulations by the EPA. What this actually means is that this type of corn isn’t corn at all, it isn’t food either, it’s a toxic compound that wreaks havoc on our organism.

Find Out Which Chips are Poisonous to Humans

Mammal studies revealed that Bt corn causes changes in the blood cells of the subjects who ingested it and leads to kidney and liver problems. The proteins in this corn, which should break down in our digestive tract, were actually found floating in the blood of the subjects.

Furthermore, these SunChips also contain insanely high amounts of glyphosate, which is one of the main active ingredients in the weedkiller Roundup, by Monsanto. As it was mentioned earlier, this compound has been connected to severe damages on the hormone system in humans and is believed to cause disruptions in the function of our kidneys and other important organs. Glyphosate also causes damages to our gut microbiota, which is essential for fighting off harmful pathogens and maintaining a strong immune system.

The report from the organization GMO-Free USA states that according to their DNA analysis, 100% of the corn used to manufacture SunChips is GMO. The test, furthermore, showed that the levels of glyphosate in the SunChips were measured to a 0.14mg per kilogram.

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Frito-Lays SunChips toxic to humans

The most frightening part about this whole ordeal is that these chips are being advertised as a healthy option for a snack, as whole-grain and low in cholesterol and fats. These statements couldn’t be farther from the truth, as they may be low in fat and cholesterol, ingredients that are required for health, but they’re certainly loaded with toxic ingredients which wreak havoc on our health.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise if we know that PepsiCo, the parent company of Frito-Lays, spent more than 13 million dollars in lawsuits against the mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients in their products. Both of these companies use GMOs in their products and want to keep this a secret from the public as they know it will affect their profits significantly. Many of the foods they produce are actually meant for children, they’re the target group they’re after so can you imagine what these ingredients will do to the children’s body?

The breakfast cereal Kellogg’s Fruit Loops are also loaded with GMOs and glyphosate, if you want to see the test results go to the website and you’ll see for yourself.

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