Funny Predictions Of 20th Century Designers About Our Time

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Many people like to think about the future and make predictions about how it will look. One cannot speak with certainty about certain things, because the world is changing rapidly, one can only speculate.

Do you want to look into the future and the past at the same time? Now you will have such an opportunity. We decided to show you crazy retro photos of what should be the fashion of our century according to designers of the past. You will be discouraged!

Funny predictions of 20th century designers about our time

21st century fashion, of course, is not perfect either. Therefore, in principle, in some ways people from the past were right. Take a look at what fashion designers saw in the 1930s – 1970s.

Once upon a time, the work of waiters who brought food to people making an order in a car (like McDrive) was in demand. In 1960, someone decided that these girls would look just like that.

The caption says: “Peter Storey from Arsenal is wearing a suit in which future athletes will play football.”

The unusual costume was sewn in 1970. It seems that the designer believed that it would be more convenient for people to move on skates. Although, these are not really commercials …

This coat is heated by batteries. And the product is actually practical. That’s just embarrassing that in it the girl looks like a kitchen potholder.

In 1962, they released a swimsuit, which was believed to be worn by people in 2000.

A dress made of aluminum and a headlamp in her hair – such an outfit as designed by the designer should help the girl find an honest man. No kidding.

According to Pierre Cardin, this is what the nurses of the future will look like.

Swimsuit and swimming helmet. Apparently, designers in the past believed that we would be very extravagant people.

And in this photo we see a suit that will help people from the future carry with them the most important thing: a radio and a telephone.

“Knitted suit is the trend of 2000.” But, fortunately, he did not.

Pierre Cardin had peculiar ideas about the fashion of the future. It seems that he believed that we would wear space-style clothes. Although metallic is fashionable. He guessed it!

In 1930 it was believed that 21st century brides would buy glass wedding dresses …

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And here is an idea of ​​what today’s beauty salons will look like.

Here it is worth praising the ingenuity of the designer. This ensemble has an electric belt that adapts to weather conditions. That is, if it is hot, the skirt will automatically be removed.

In 1930, a dress was shown, thanks to which women will attract men to themselves. It is made of transparent mesh.

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