Genetic modification of a child is mandated by Goverment

Genetic modification of a child is mandated by Goverment

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by Paul A Philips; New Paradigm

For the first time ever, human genetic modification will be carried out in Europe using the recently approved CRISPR gene editing technology. It will be used to try and treat beta thalassaemia, a debilitating blood disorder that lowers the body’s haemoglobin production. This red haemoglobin protein carries and delivers oxygen to the body’s tissues. That means, mainstream medicine is now venturing into unchartered territory with human genetic modification.

An excellent article by Jon Rappoport warns us of the extreme dangers in genetic modification when using CRISPR gene editing technology. This new genetic modelling technology, such as CRISPR-Cas9, is more efficient, accurate and cheaper than earlier techniques, but many biotechnologists / researchers are blindly buying into its innovation, paying scant attention to the dangers. Computer algorithms are failing to predict 100’s of mutations produced by changing just 1 nucleotide…

Genetic modification of a child is mandated by Goverment

Don’t fall for the deceptive PR scientific propaganda effrontery, the so-called certainty that biotechnologists / researchers will cure disease through genetic modification. The curing of multiple diseases in many patients has nowhere near been accomplished. The best that these biotechnologists / researchers can come up with so far is speculation.

Consider the disastrous consequences CRISPR experimentation could bring us if this genetic tinkering is allowed to go on unchecked. What about the long-term effects of those unexpected mutations? How would they affect future generations if passed on?

Human genetic modification: Government mandated designer babies

Legally, research on genetic modification had been restricted to plants and animals. Then later, as reported in early 2017 by the Science and Medicine National Academy, genetic modification could be used to alter human germline cells, e.g., sperm, eggs and embryos for the purpose of eliminating genetic disease. Anything outside this restriction has been prohibited. -The technology has been limited to IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

-All in all, the futuristic idea of there being human genetic modification and government mandated designer babies in an age of transgenic humans can no longer be confined to the realms of science-fiction.

The following may not happen, but let’s use our imagination for a moment and consider this: Some time in the future, still in the backdrop of the 21st century, what if there is such a vast improvement in gene editing technology compared to today that the error rate is virtually undetectable and free from harmful mutation?

How would the work of this highly advanced technology go on to affect society? Consider the challenges that humans would face with regard to their identities… What about the ethical issues / concerns? Take, for one of many examples, the ethics behind pregnancy from dead sperm donors… which is already happening.

Would there be government mandated designer babies where parents would be ethically / morally obligated to accept genetic modification of their child for the purpose of disease control? Oxford University ethicist Julian Savulescu believes this will be the case.

Also, consider the use of non-disease based human genetic modification. This could alter a child’s behavioural characteristics; higher intelligence, greater ability to hold attention, less aggressive… etc. to give it a better opportunity in life, and is more able to contribute to or fit into society… But where do you draw the line? Who or what decides exactly which characteristics are undesirable or worthy of genetic modification?

(…but having said that, escaping the reaches of regulatory bodies, claims have been made exposing a number of secret projects that exist today involving human genetic modification: Such as, for example, the case of the DARPA genetically modified soldiers…).

The future: Money and a widening inequality gap

Bear in mind that whether it’s with flora or fauna (plants or animals in an environment) patency for profit is the major driving force behind genetic modification: It is highly unlikely that this influence will cease to be if / when it comes to genetically modifying humans, at least in the not too distant future (or never?).

For many people, the cost of genetically modified designer babies may well be beyond what they can afford.

Will there be a society where only the sufficient or well-off truly benefit? With a forever widening inequality gap, how would those considered to be genetically enhanced tolerate the people without enhancements? Considered “inferior,” people without genetic enhancements may suffer human rights abuses.

There is a democracy issue here. Many may not want certain genetic enhancements for their children, but this may go against controlling government mandates. Consider the unprecedented level of control that the elite and their controlling governments would have over humanity through genetic manipulation:

“A technological elite comprised of demi-gods who decide how the rest of us think and act by programming us may well result in abuse in deformations as serve as those depicted in…”
-The Island of Dr. Moreau or Frankenstein

Transgenic humans: An exciting prospect or disaster?

Regarded as an exciting prospect, biotechnologists / researchers would consider the creation of transgenic humans to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of genetic modification. However, even if the harmful mutations could be overcome, many biotechnologists / researchers and other people in favour are unaware of the bigger picture: How human genetic manipulation can be used for the elite’s transhumanism agenda to control us:

The unprecedented war on our consciousness – Implosion of relationships loss of humanity…

Driven by greed and self-interest, time after time the elite have shown us that they cannot be trusted. Keeping it to themselves, the elite will use human genetic modification with other transhumanist technologies to achieve their much sought after technological “singularity.”

The rest of us may well be genetically manipulated, reduced to becoming genetic automatons, devoid of the powerful consciousness we once had: Born into the world as transgenic human slaves; hive-minded, half-human, half-machine, having customised augmentation to perform a particular function…

Indeed, there are a growing number of issues / concerns and ramifications: What underlies is a lack of ethics, honesty and integrity, greed, irresponsibility, no real humanitarian concern, ignorance and apathy from the sleeping masses… As with plants and animals, even if there’s no mutations, human genetic modification technology in a futuristic post-humanist age still undoubtedly threatens disastrous consequences. 

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