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Hilarious Hairy Stockings Will Save You From Maniacs!

Hilarious Hairy Stockings Will Save You From Maniacs! 36

Chinese designers came up with a way to deal with rapists – they released women’s stockings with the effect of hairy legs. The manufacturing company is sure: their development will help girls to avoid harassment of sexually preoccupied types. On the packaging of the “shaggy” stocking it is written: “it saves from perverts in the summer”, “ideal for young lovers of nightlife”.

Hilarious Hairy Stockings Will Save You From Maniacs! 37

Currently, hairy tights/stockings are actively discussed on the web. Some Internet users believe that the harm from the Chinese “invention” is more than good. “Ladies, such stockings will” help “avoid not only maniacs, but also attractive men who might be interested in you,” one of the participants in the discussion warns. True, while Chinese fashionistas order a novelty exclusively for carnivals and stylized parties.

Hilarious Hairy Stockings Will Save You From Maniacs! 38

However, in order to discourage a man, it’s enough not to shave your legs – it will turn out cheaper!!! 🙂

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