How To Become More Stylish

How To Become More Stylish

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You can buy a lot of clothes, you can follow the latest trends, but still not look stylish. In front of you rules that will help you to sort your wardrobe, learn how to correctly select clothes and look better than ever! Learn how to become more stylish with “Furilia”!

Do not buy anything on occasion

New Year’s corporate party, a meeting of classmates, wedding
girlfriends – we all love to buy something specifically for such occasions. We are looking something special, but, as a rule, what we bought is worn only once, and then hanging in the closet.

Instead of going and buying something specially for the holiday, get some things in your wardrobe for solemn events – not too complicated, classic in style. They are not should be consistent with the latest trends, and should be universal, such so you can wear them again and again.

Do not buy or keep things that are not your size in the closet.

We love to keep things which do not suit us anymore, in the hope that we will lose weight / get better / will be in mood to wear them. Such things must be disposed of. Similarly should not buy things that are too small or too big for you. Be honest with yourself and better buy something that fits your size perfectly.

Do not buy what sits badly

The same rule works here as in previous example – the thing should sit perfectly on you, in it you should to feel yourself confident. Only this one you will wear many times. Buy something that doesn’t fit too well, in the hope that you will someday fix it problem, no need.

Do not buy just because the item is discounted

Of course, we all want to save, get a good offer, but on sales you should look only for neutral basic things that sit perfectly on you. Otherwise you will not wear what you bought, which means investing in a thing will not be profitable.

When you buy something, get rid of something else

A great way to keep your wardrobe huge sizes – get rid of something old when you buy something new. Before shopping, review your wardrobe and boldly clean it. Then, for example, you will know that you have three worn sweaters and two blouses, which are already small, take them away and buy what suits you and looks good.

Change clothes with friends

A great way to freshen up your wardrobe, nothing by spending. Throw a clothes exchange party – it will be both fun and useful. Surely each of the girlfriends has things that they no longer wear, and you will do.

Do not buy too extravagant things

A perfect, versatile and stylish wardrobe on 80% consists of basic things. Do not get carried away by extravagance, otherwise soon you just don’t have to wear anything, as it’s difficult to combine things between by myself.

Explore New Brands

Sometimes we get used to certain brands, and Our style remains unchanged. Meanwhile, regularly new interesting brands where you can find a lot of interesting and stylish.

Learn to raceput up with things

We understand that it is difficult to throw out a thing. But admit to yourself honestly – if you have not worn this thing for a long time, you hardly wear it in the future. Do not believe? Try hanging it in the closet on a prominent place and mark somewhere every time you put on – if in six months you
she was never put on; she has no place in your wardrobe.

Create your own uniform

There is a stereotype that in order to look stylish, do not repeat. This is not true. Think over your image, look for there are similar things in stores – there’s nothing to worry about. Of course, similar ones – doesn’t mean the same. No need to put 15 blue sweaters or black ones in your wardrobe
jeans. You just have to know what you really look good in, and stick to your style.

Learn your wardrobe by heart

You can’t learn – write it down. Cause we are so often forget what we already have. As a result, we buy either something that we already have,
or something that is completely unsuitable for other things. Every time before browse the list by shopping and you will know exactly what to buy.

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Invest in what you already have

Things should look neat and fresh. Not forget to regularly repair shoes, dry clean your coat, and restore bags.

Rent clothes

Today, clothing rental services are quite a lot and you can find anything there. By renting a clothe/a necklace, you will be happy with the new thing,
nor will it settle in your closet among things that you will not wear.

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