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Which Finger Favorably to Wear Your Favorite Ring

Which Finger Favorably to Wear Your Favorite Ring 36

When we choose a ringlet, we rarely think about how it will affect our character and behavior, but horologists and psychologists claim that this is the way it is! Today we will tell on which finger it is favorable for you to wear the ring. ?

Which finger to wear ring favorably

Rings on hands

Today the rings are just an ornament, an accessory that complements the image. But in ancient times, wearing rings attached a deep meaning. By what finger a person wore this jewelry, one could learn a lot about his personality and even his position in society.


Ring on the thumb

On this finger, chronologists and astrologers recommend wearing rings to natural people expressive, with brightly expressed emotions, quick-tempered temper. It is this finger in astrology that symbolizes the planet Mars. Putting a ring on him, we pacify a tempestuous temperament, harmonizing behavior and reactions.

  • People who like to wear a ring on the thumb, often stubborn, can behave aggressively.


Ring with stone

According to palmistry, this finger is favored by Jupiter. This planet of wisdom, inner strength. Horologist and astrologers advise people who lack confidence in their actions, indecisive, shy individuals to wear a ring on this finger.

  • It is believed that wearing a ring on the index finger brings good luck, gives self-confidence, expands the horizons of the worldview.

Middle finger

Ring on the middle finger

The middle finger is associated with Saturn. In astrology, this planet is responsible for hard work, asceticism. Also Saturn reminds of our ancestors, connects to their strength, because it is on this finger that it is favorable to wear a generic ring.

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  • Wearing a ring on this finger will help to cope with difficulties and obstacles, will give spiritual strength.

Ring finger

Openwork rings

This finger is associated with Venus – a planet that symbolizes love, beauty, pleasure and luxury. If you strive for wealth and fame, as well as the rest of the charms of this world, then wearing a ring on the ring finger of your left hand will surely attract the attention of Venus. ?

  • If you have a calm character, you’d better choose a thin, elegant ring for this finger. Ardent, emotional natures fit wide, massive jewelry.

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Little finger

Little finger ring

The little finger is associated with the planet Mercury, which patronizes all creative people, speakers, singers, diplomats, doctors, businessmen. Wearing a ring on this finger will contribute to the flexibility of the mind, building relationships. You will understand people better and make contact with them.

  • The ring on the little finger is advised to wear to those who have a tendency to gamble or lies. It is believed that the energy of Mercury helps to get rid of these bad habits.

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