How to choose an autumn coat that suits Exclusive your style?

How to choose an autumn coat that suits Exclusive your style?

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Our grandmothers taught our mothers, and then mothers taught us: there must be one coat, certainly of high quality and good quality, to serve you for years to come. Based on this concept, the same blouses or trousers were allowed to be in the amount of a dozen pieces, but the coat was almost a sacred thing: it was necessary to hunt for it and select it so that it would be combined with the entire wardrobe at once. Today, the assortment of clothes is wider than a couple of decades ago, so we have the right to change the rules of the game and have only one or two pairs of trousers in stock, but five or six coat models in the closet. Exactly for all cold and boring months, from October to April! Furilia will tell you today how to choose an autumn coat that suits your style!

There are many of us, we are all multifaceted and very dependent on mood, so let your coat reflect your personality, and not just your frugal approach to shopping. In this selection, Furilia has tried to please each of you and offer suitable coats for a wide variety of styles.

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Do you like to dress sexy

Your choice: leather coat

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Please yourself with a whim purchase, and it is possible that it will become your favorite for the first cold months. Just don’t settle for rocker leather jackets or picky ones. let your leather coat be slim, belted and sexy as hell.

Your closet is dominated by a gray-brown range.

Your choice: striped or plaid coat

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Agree with yourself that one of the colors in the checkered or striped pattern will be your favorite gray or brown, and the other will be bright. This item will perfectly fit into a calm wardrobe and make it more energetic and younger. Remember that a vertical cage makes you look taller, which is always a nice bonus.

You often (too often) wear sneakers

Your choice: beige coat

A classic beige coat will instantly add eye-pleasing neatness to your style, and then you can continue walking through the autumn puddles in your adorable neon sneakers. It is customary to choose a beige coat once and for centuries, but we advise you not to bother and just find the model in which you like yourself more.

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Do you like everything trendy

Your choice: fringed coat

It was this model with long “tails” of fringe that Bottega Veneta demonstrated, and fashion magazines at once decided on the most relevant coat for fall-winter 2020. Wear it with a midi skirt and high boots for an elegant style, or with bell-bottomed trousers and Cossack boots, as on the Bottega Veneta catwalk, if you are into fashion experiments.

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You almost never wear skirts, preferring pants and boots

Your choice: navy blue coat

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There are a lot of masculine items in your closet, from perfectly ironed straight trousers and wide-shouldered jackets to boots and sweatshirts in size L. A fitted and all-out doll coat risks looking comical on you. Continue to play by your own rules and find yourself a stern-looking, straight-cut coat in a “masculine” navy blue and thick wool for a confident fit.

You are in the process of finding your style

Your choice: White coat

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You are in a slight bewilderment every morning in front of an open closet: everything enrages and you like everything at the same time, you don’t want to throw out your torn jeans, but they don’t go well with recently purchased business-style things. Don’t worry, this is temporary and soon you will be able to establish diplomatic relations with your own wardrobe and conduct an audit. In the meantime, this has not happened, and it is already getting colder outside the window, buy yourself a white coat – it instantly will make almost any look spectacular and noble… Including with ripped jeans included.

In the fall, you often dress in layers.

Your choice: poncho coat

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The ingenious comfort of layered clothing is proven in practice already in the first month of autumn, when sunny weather gives way to the first frost. Wear a poncho coat over or under your leather jacket, add a puffy vest or warm sweater with a high neck to it, make your waist with a belt or, conversely, collect a coat with a yoke around your neck – there are many options, and cold months will be enough to try all.


You wear down jackets and winter jackets more often than coats

Your choice: quilted coat

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Try a format that’s familiar and comfortable for you, but in an elongated model. Quilted coats have returned to the catwalks at Bottega Veneta and Burberry, but even without being tied to trends, this type of coat justifies itself one hundred percent. Please note that the longer the quilted coat, the more elegant it looks, and if you also choose the base color, then it is guaranteed to serve you for a long time.