How to dress up a Christmas tree to attract good luck and happiness to the house in the new 2020

How to dress up a Christmas tree to attract good luck and happiness to the house in the new 2020

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Two weeks … until the longest night of the year, when you can stay awake until the morning, have a tasty meal, have fun with your family, friends and relatives, watch the New Year’s Light, and also sing, dance and have fun, because when you meet the New Year, so you’ll spend it. And then comes the shortest day of the year – we got up, ate, and it was already evening))) For about two weeks, and we will begin to live in the 1920s. It seems like just recently we watched movies of the 80s, listened to the music of the 90s, wore fashionable clothes in the new millennium of the 00s, made a breakthrough in the field of electronics and digital technologies in the 10s. Time, where are you going so fast, we do not have time to live! Daily bustle, work, everyday problems, and now a new decade is knocking at the door. How will we remember it? Wait and see.

Today I want to tell you how to decorate a Christmas tree in order to attract good luck to the house

And you also noticed that the trees began to be decorated every year earlier and earlier. Either the people lack magic, a holiday, and already in November sales of Christmas-tree decorations and toys will start. And how to stay here !? Immediately I want to transform everything around me. But remember, as before, in the modest 90s, a Christmas tree was bought on the morning of December 31, because it was several times cheaper and quickly decorated on New Year’s Day.

Many, including myself, are trying to decorate the main beauty on the eve of St. Nicholas, just two weeks before New Year’s Eve. Toys, rain, serpentine, garlands, tinsel, other decorations and sweets … everything goes in motion!

How to dress up a Christmas tree to attract good luck and happiness to the house in the new 2020
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No matter how you decorate your New Year’s beauty, believe me, the second one in the world cannot be found! And it is worth noting that this business also has its own nuances.

Which Christmas tree to choose, where to place it in the house, what color toys to decorate to attract good luck to the house on New Year’s Eve of the White Rat? And I have prepared for you the answers to all these questions. Therefore, if you have not yet placed a Christmas tree, rather read what you need to do to do this!

Which Christmas tree to choose

More and more people today prefer artificial Christmas trees, due to several reasons.

Firstly, you can put it at any time, even in November, when live Christmas trees have not even appeared on sale.

Secondly, artificial Christmas trees are beautiful and evenly fluffy, but with a forest beauty you have to torment yourself while you choose.

Thirdly, installing such a Christmas tree is not a big deal. No need to “fit” the trunk under the stand, tie up the branches, clean the tops. Yes, there is no fir smell in the room. But many are saved by aromatic oils with the smell of spruce.

How to dress up a Christmas tree to attract good luck and happiness to the house in the new 2020
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And fourthly, this is humanity. Many refuse to buy a living Christmas tree. These people are against forest beauties being cut, sold, and then ended their life cycle in the trash. But our friends from China believe otherwise. For them, an artificial tree carries dead energy. They are convinced that this can bring some troubles and misfortunes to the house. But a living tree, on the contrary, has such a strong energy that fills the dwelling that it can even bring cardinal changes to life, luck and luck.

There is already a choice for you! No one is imposing his opinion on you. But to listen to the Chinese is still worth it.

Where to place a Christmas tree in the house in Feng Shui

The second important point when installing a Christmas tree is the choice of its location. After all, at least a month you will have to contemplate this beauty at home. And here, it turns out, not without the influence of the Chinese science of harmony and balance with the environment. Choosing a place for the main New Year’s decoration in your home should not be guided by your desire and because it is so convenient for you, but take into account all the rules of feng shui. This, of course, if you want to attract good luck in the new year.

Once I remember, I was also fond of a little Feng Shui, well, as I was fond of, I tried to establish my personal life, and what do you think, I had to run around the house with a compass to find out where in my home there is a zone responsible for love and relationships. But now is not about that. Back to our Christmas trees. Why am I !? And the fact that Feng Shui advises us to divide the house into sectors, each of which is responsible for different areas of our lives. So in what area do you want improvements and positive changes in the new year, accordingly, put a Christmas tree there.

And now about the sectors:

  • North – is responsible for career and success in business, business;
  • south – guarantees you glory and self-development;
  • West – the development of creative inclinations, children;
  • east – family and health;
  • northwest – travel, business trips and the opportunity to see the world;
  • northeast – knowledge, experience;
  • southwest – love, a successful marriage;
  • southeast – money, luck, prosperity, prosperity.

I would put a small Christmas tree in each sector))) The main thing is to remember one rule in this matter! As you decide on the sector, before you place a Christmas tree in it, carefully tidy up. Remove all unnecessary cluttering space (by the way, from time to time, an audit should be carried out in all the above sectors in the house). So you will increase the flow of positive energy that will freely flow from the Christmas tree.

How to decorate a Christmas tree in the year of the White Rat

The patron and full owner of the next 2020 will be the White Rat. There were some Chinese sages with their own calendar. This symbol prefers modesty. Therefore, this year’s Christmas tree toys should be chosen more “restrained” and not very bright. But so that your New Year’s beauty does not look gray, dull and depressed, it’s still worth it to show a taste in the choice of jewelry.

How to dress up a Christmas tree to attract good luck and happiness to the house in the new 2020
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To appease the patron of the next year, be sure to place a Christmas toy with the image of the symbol of the new year in the most prominent place. As for the color scheme, next year it is worth giving preference to a selection of white, gold, silver and metallic colors. This year, notes of naturalness must be present on your Christmas tree. It can be acorns, cones brought from the forest, nuts and even fruits.

An important point is the choice of tinsel, or rather its color. The final chord in the decoration of the Christmas tree is tinsel. This year, opt for white and silver tones that will bring harmony to your home, red, responsible for love, yellow and gold, which will help increase your wealth.

Naturalness is now in trend

Experts in Christmas decorations unanimously declare that the fashion for natural Christmas tree decorations is back. And you can decorate it with toys made of wood, made with your own hands from beads and even edible. After all, there used to be a fashion at one time, when there was still no such variety of Christmas balls and decorations, to hang gingerbread cookies, sweets, tangerines and other treats on the Christmas tree.

How to dress up a Christmas tree to attract good luck and happiness to the house in the new 2020
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Confectioners also decided to support this trend by making delicious Christmas tree toys with their own hands. These are cones, gingerbread cookies, and even pictures drawn on sugar paper, printed on a printer using food colors.

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And you can also make toys for the Christmas tree with your own hands from beads. These certainly will not break and will be inherited by your not only grandchildren, but also by the great-grandchildren.

For many families, the process of decorating a Christmas tree is special in its own way. This is a whole ritual that brings the whole family together, where everyone has their own roles to play: set up a Christmas tree for dad, dress up mom, and children, and they just enjoy the process, running around the house cheerfully in anticipation of the arrival of Santa Claus with gifts.

Have you already dressed up a Christmas tree? Do you adhere to certain rules, decorating the main decoration of the New Year holidays?

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