How to Escape From the Heat, if There Is No Air Conditioning

How to Escape From the Heat, if There Is No Air Conditioning

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Do you know how to escape from the heat?, if there is no air conditioning. Summer is certainly good, but sometimes the exhausting heat deprives us of strength and energy! Of course you can hide in the house, turn on the air conditioner and enjoy the cherished coolness … but if for some reason the miracle technique is not there, to survive the summer in a hot apartment do this:

Proper airing 

Often the summer heat does not allow even to fall asleep. In order to comfortably sleep, you should ventilate the room. But the main thing to do it competently!

  • The lowest temperature during the day from 4.00 – 7.00 in the morning, and in the evening after 20.00. It is at this time to thoroughly ventilate the entire house.
  • Wet towel – to make the ventilation more effective and even refreshing, hang a wet towel on the open window!

Curtains for summer

Curtains – one of the options to protect your home from overheating. But not all curtains are equally good! So, synthetic ones can warm up the room even more, while linen will not let the sun’s rays glow.) Better choose light shades, best white – it reflects light and accordingly heat.

For the summer it is better to get rid of carpets and all sorts of soft fluffy pillows and bedspreads. They not only collect excess dust, but also keep heat.

Fan “things”

Experts advise installing ceiling fans, they ideally cool the room.

  • If you have a normal fan, then make sure in which mode it works. Usually they have 2 modes. Make sure the blades rotate against the air rises and the room refreshes.

Homemade air conditioner

To turn an ordinary fan into a real air conditioner, you’ll only need ice! Yes Yes.)

  • Freeze the water in plastic bottles, and then just put them in some kind of tank right in front of the fan! Flows of cool air will significantly refresh the room.)

Cool the bed

To get rid of the torment in the summer nights, you just need to freeze your bed linen! Do not be scared. How to Escape From the Heat, if There Is No Air Conditioning

  • Just put your laundry set in the refrigerator, it will noticeably cool it and you will feel much more comfortable sleeping.

For the summer time the cotton or silk bedding is the best. It absorbs sweat very well, and does not heat the body. Synthetics and the atlas bedding should be abandoned.

  • The same goes for the mattress. If you use synthaphone mattresses in winter, then for the summer replace them with ordinary cotton ones.

Also dermatologists advise to sleep in cotton pajamas, but better without clothes at all!

Hope these tips will help you! 

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