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How to Lengthen a Round Face With a Haircut: Hollywood Stylists Tips

How to Lengthen a Round Face With a Haircut:  Hollywood Stylists Tips 36

If your face is round in shape, you may experience a difficulty with makeup or with the selection of accessories. In addition, round features slightly simplify the image, and sometimes you want to look refined. But do not worry, everything can be fixed and solved quite simply, just a few tricky moves with a hairdo and the face will visually lengthen.

How to lengthen your face with a hairstyle?

You do not need to apply multi-layer makeup with complex contouring. Your haircut, hair color and stylistic solutions can completely change your appearance. In the next visit to the hairdresser you will be ready and will be able to offer several options for changing your appearance that will give you new features.

Dark hair color

Girl with dark hair

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One way to get the look of an elongated face is to choose a dark hair color. Like your little black dress, it can be amazing, especially if you have short hair. Such a dark shade provides a sharp contrast between the hair color and the color of your skin, so you do not need to worry about the illusion of a wider face.

Short haircut

The girl with a short haircut

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If any part of the hair falls on the widest parts of the face (usually jaws or cheekbones), this will visually expand the face. Try to choose a bean that looks alive and lengthens the features. Choose haircuts at least 5 centimeters below the chin, this choice will automatically make the shape of the face slimmer. The look is drawn to the vertical lines of the hair, and the hair literally covers the width of the face on each side.

Stepped haircut

Woman with a stepped haircut

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Ask the master to make you a haircut with several layers. Locks of different lengths that fall on the face, great for lengthening the face. Such a haircut creates a diagonal line, which naturally leads the line down, increasing the visual length of the face.

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Locks on the face

Girl with curls near the face

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Do not smooth unruly strands with ironing. Leave a few thin strands around the face to lengthen the line of your chin. In addition, such playful locks attract attention to moving strands and distract from wide cheekbones.

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