“Orange Peel” On the Legs and the But: How to Get Rid of Cellulite

“Orange Peel” On the Legs and the But: How to Get Rid of Cellulite

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Some people tend to confuse cellulite with banal obesity. Yes, the second may well be accompanied by the first, but this does not mean that a thin woman is insured against ugly tubercles on the hips, buttocks and stomach.

What is cellulite and what it eats?

No matter how sad, but the fight with the notorious orange peel really have to start with adjusting the menu. The fact is that the cause of cellulite is obstruction of the ducts – the waste substances simply can not leave the subcutaneous layer, since the “doors are closed”. And no matter how hard you tear on the simulators – the result will be beautiful muscles, but under the invariably thick layer of cellulite.

The conclusion is classic: eat more raw vegetables and fruits, a minimum of preservatives, smoked products and baking. Dont replace the water with coffee and tea, freshly squeezed juice – factory.

For natural smoothness of the skin, at least two tablespoons of vegetable oil a day are needed, many choose olive oil, but you will also choose another that you like.

The Sorceress Sorcerer

Effective means of anti-cellulite struggle include massage and swimming. Swimming can gently build muscle mass, say goodbye to excess body fat and also has a mild massage effect.

There is also a special massage – anti-cellulite. It is believed that it must necessarily be accompanied by painful sensations and bonuses – bruises and bruises on the skin. Allegedly it indicates its effectiveness. However, in fact, everything is exactly the opposite, and this indicates the rupture of blood vessels, and not the disappearance of cellulite tubercles.

A professional masseur will never force a client to “suffer”, endure pain and inconvenience. After the massage, redness on the skin is possible, but in no case bruises.

Pressures, friction, vibration and pressure are used to influence the subcutaneous fat layer. To enhance the effect, scrubs, oils, gels, ointments are used. A variety of temperature effects will not be superfluous.

To achieve an apparent result, as a rule, a course of ten procedures is sufficient. Moreover, the improvement is manifested not only in the smoothing of the skin, in addition, the volume of the thighs decreases markedly, thanks to the improvement in metabolism, the production of elastin and collagen, the so-called proteins of youth, is activated. A beautiful silhouette is achieved relatively quickly and without surgical intervention.

The magic procedure has contra-indications – what are they?

First of all, the categorical ban on anti-cellulite massage with thrombophlebitis and arteriosclerosis of blood vessels. Vessels that have lost elasticity can simply not survive the procedure.

It should not be done with skin rashes of any kind – allergic or inflammatory. Appearing in one place, she can spread all over her body after the first massage.

Any massage is prohibited at elevated body temperature. With a massage, it is already rising, which means that the burden on the heart will be excessive. Risk is useless.

Choose not a salon, but a specialist. He should have a perfectly clean work place, well-groomed hands with clean nails, certificates of appropriate education and testimonials of grateful customers who really check.

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